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Macadamia Oil: How It Greatly Benefits Hair

Having a product that’s nearly perfect and versatile is hard to come by. However, macadamia oil is one of those products that graces this status. This type of rich oil comes from the macadamia plant. This plant was first founded … Continue reading

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Grace the Presence of the Fashion World

Fashion is a unique and exciting industry that continues to evolve. It’s a industry that many people with the passion of fashion design want to break ground and hope their innovative designs catch the public eye in a positive manner. … Continue reading

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New Pure’ity Product Testimonial and Review

Another user has had a chance to try out our Pure’ity hair care products and was deeply satisfied off of the results. If you haven’t been convinced that our products can bring your hair to life with more body, volume, … Continue reading

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How Your Hair Benefits from Morrocan Oil

Whether your hair is suffering from damage, dullness and breakage, one of your answers to your problems can be found from the use of one product, “Morrocan Oil.” Or perhaps you’re not suffering from hair problems, but are looking for … Continue reading

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Let April Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals for 2011

Do you have a resolution like most have to try to lose weight, get fit, and look/feel your best? Turn those resolutions into a commitment that you will implement everyday. If you don’t know which direction to go, that’s understandable, … Continue reading

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Receive The Perfect Hair Blowout by Stephanie Hobgood

Celebrities have very busy schedules. They spend their time getting paid for their perspective work, from going to meetings, sponsoring events, partaking in interviews and promoting their work. What is one thing these busy individuals do a lot of? They … Continue reading

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The Real Hair Truth Documentary Review

Are you looking to jump in headfirst into the beauty industry as a hair dresser? Are you currently going to a beauty school to obtain your license? Before you continue your journey through the beauty industry, let Joseph Kellner give … Continue reading

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