Grace the Presence of the Fashion World

Model Wearing Amore Grace Clothing

Model Wearing Amore Grace Clothing, Photo: Keith Selle Photography

Fashion is a unique and exciting industry that continues to evolve. It’s a industry that many people with the passion of fashion design want to break ground and hope their innovative designs catch the public eye in a positive manner. Grace Sims maybe one of the many out there, but she’s looking to beat the odds. With a wealthy list of partners ranging from hairdressers, make up artist, photographers, and models, she’s got the relationship building thing down, as well as the innovative fashion clothing that will diversify and evolve in time.

Grace was born and raised in the fashion oriented city Los Angeles, CA. Works of art was embedded in her DNA at a young age  and she was fueled to operate a fashion business and make it grow with her creative and savvy mind. However, relocating to Sacramento, CA met being surrounded by the fashionable attraction she loved was tremendously diminished. So it was decision making time, major in chemistry and physics while pursuing a career working in a laboratory, or going back to her first love, fashion. She chose the latter, and that’s how her company Amore Grace was born.

With a frequency of promotions, fashion events and photo shoots to implement, she’s the ultimate punk rock glamour girl well on her way of accomplishing her dreams. Sheldon Alexander, Marketing Director of Heavenly Essence, Inc. recently contacted Grace for her to share her plans for her company, how she weeds out the people to find the unrelenting talent to work with, how she plans to beat the odds to show how her fashion line is unique, and how hair care is a integral part of fashion.

Sheldon Alexander: How has your fashion business been going since I last interviewed you?

Model Wearing Amore Grace Clothing, Photo: Keith Selle Photography

Model Wearing Amore Grace Clothing, Photo: Keith Selle Photography

Grace Sims: Everything has been going well. I changed the name of my company for branding and marketing purposes. I been promoting myself as a business and treating fashion more like a business so people take me more seriously. I’m doing a t-shirt line, a doggy ready to wear line, and a fashion accessory line.

SA: What’s your main goal for the doggy line?

GS: To have a wide arsenal of dog fashion wear and accessories that attracts clients who have dogs. I love dogs as well and so I like to create a line for them.

SA: What do you plan to do differently in the year 2011 to make your business progress?

GS: I will offer more products for the mass market, and then I will expand to more products by the end of the year to target the same clientele I currently have. I will offer more styles to a wider market. I’m getting into the music industry as well, and linked up with a singer in the Seattle area. Her name is Sunny and she has a band.

SA: What kind of events are you planning to promote or sponsor this year?

GS: Future events will be made available on my Facebook page.

SA: What are the purposes of these events?

GS: To pick up more clientele, to brand myself better, market and promote. I want more people to find out about Amore Grace.

SA: How are you setting yourself apart from other fashion designers?

GS: I am treating myself as an actual company and not as a fashion designer. Most fashion designers treat themselves as one person who does services. Larger companies don’t take them serious as a result.

SA: What marketing methods are you now using to promote your business?

GS: I’m coming out with a catalog in paper as well as online. Aside from social media, I revamped my website, and will be looking to connect with boutiques across the nation to see about getting my products into their stores. The social media and blogging websites are the main source of my marketing. I formed many valuable connections from there alone.

SA: Are you currently working with make up artists and hairdressers?

GS: Yes.

SA: How is it like working with make up artists and hairdressers?

GS: It’s a learning experience. Everyone is different and so I work with the ones that pay attention, follow directions and are fun to work with. I work with people who are serious about making my events a great experience. If they don’t pay attention and come out as non serious, then I won’t work with them again.

SA: How are you looking to make sure you find and work with the right people?

GS: Through trial and error and networking. I’ll be networking all across the board. I usually check out someone’s portfolio through a meet and greet in person. That is the point where I find out if they are worth working with or not. It saves a lot of headaches and time.

SA: How does fashion and hair care go hand in hand?

GS: Well in order to have good pictures you have to have good hair. In most of the the things we do we need to make sure the models have good hair, like the runways. It keeps business intertwined. In fashion it’s about presentation, and if good hair is essential in order to keep people happy along with the fashion clothing then I’ll make sure they have good hair.

SA: What are some hair care methods you’re using yourself?

GS: I make sure I wash my hair with good products. I don’t fry my hair like most people do. I use bumble and bumble and biosilk. They’re really good products. I use permanent hair color and get my hair done from a Aveza certified salon, which are the only places that offer the right color based products for me being that I’m sensitive to a lot of what’s out there. They’re about being organic, and using plants and healthy ingredients for hair coloring. I’m allergic to a lot of products and so this product works for me.

SA: Anything else that you would like to share?

GS: Not really. I’m just shooting for the stars for this 2011 year and am expecting the best results.

Visit and like her Facebook Fan Page to find out more about Grace Sims and her company Amore Grace, as well as stay updated on her upcoming events and fashion products.

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