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Helping Hair Clients With Chemical Sensitivities

Check out this video interview on how Darlene brushes up on how she is helping salon professionals and hairstylists product a hypoallergenic hair product to serve hair clients with chemical sensitivities.http://www.heavenlyessence.net/#!Blog/c1o9a/helping-hair-clients-with-chemical-sensitivities

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The Wrap Around Organic Plait Hairstyle

Find out celebrity hairstylist Harper developed a beautiful wrap around hairstyle, great for protection, and that’s great for special and casual occasions.http://www.squidoo.com/the-wrap-around-organic-plait-hairstyle

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Hairstyling Tips With Hairstylist Laura Schakosky

Learn more from celebrity hairstylist/makeup artist Laura Schakosky on her hairstyling experience, and tips for hairstylists on what avenue of hairstyling they should take in their career.http://www.squidoo.com/hairstyling-tips-with-hairstylist-laura-schakosky

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Twitter Interview: How to Generate Endless Clients for Your Hair Salon

Details on an interview to be conducted on Twitter on how hairstylists and salon owners can generate an endless amount of clients for their hair business.http://www.heavenlyessence.net/#!Blog/c1o9a/twitter-interview–how-to-generate-endless-clients-for-your-hair-salon

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Hairstyle: Fashion Forward Rocker Sheik Glam

Walk through this step-by-step info on how a hairstylist was able to create a glamorous and rocker driven hairstyle.http://www.heavenlyessence.net/#!Blog/c1o9a/hairstyle–fashion-forward-rocker-sheik-glam

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How to Have Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Discover these four steps your clients should know in order to have and maintain beautiful, healthy hair.http://www.heavenlyessence.net/#!Blog/c1o9a/how-to-have-beautiful–healthy-hair

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4 Steps to Your Clients Having Beautiful, Incredible Hair

Learn how your clients can have a foundation of rich, beautiful hair, how educating them establishes you the hair professional as the authority in hair care, and how caring for your client’s needs will earn you repeat business and endless … Continue reading

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