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How to Become a Celebrity Hairstylist

An interview with celebrity hairstylist Harper, who provides tips on how to become a celebrity hairstylist. Learn how she broke into the entertainment industry as well as her tips on preparing yourself before servicing celebrities.http://www.squidoo.com/how-to-become-a-celebrity-hairstylist

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Vegetarianism and Hair

Provides information on vitamins and minerals you should consume to help promote healthy hairhttp://www.heavenlyessence.net/#!Blog/c1o9a/vegetarianism-and-hair

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Hairstyling Tips With Hairstylist Laura Schakosky

Learn more from celebrity hairstylist/makeup artist Laura Schakosky on her hairstyling experience, and tips for hairstylists on what avenue of hairstyling they should take in their career.http://www.squidoo.com/hairstyling-tips-with-hairstylist-laura-schakosky

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Hairstyle: Fashion Forward Rocker Sheik Glam

Walk through this step-by-step info on how a hairstylist was able to create a glamorous and rocker driven hairstyle.http://www.heavenlyessence.net/#!Blog/c1o9a/hairstyle–fashion-forward-rocker-sheik-glam

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How ‘Style’ is a Key Element to High Quality Hairstyles

Watching a woman’s hair move in the wind is an eye gauging experience, especially when the hairstyle is just right. Hair that compliments the facial features and persona of someone is key. Women love their hair being that it’s a … Continue reading

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Hairstyling Tips: Making Hair Manageable for Styling

There are many techniques and ways to get hair looking good, depending on the particular hairstyle you want, the type of waves you want, and having your hair at the right length to achieve wonderful hair results. A lot of … Continue reading

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Ingredients You Should Look For in Hair and Skin Products

When it comes to beautiful hair and skin, many are willing to do whatever it takes to look their best. But what about feeling their best as well? There’s still much ground to still be covered when it comes to … Continue reading

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