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Can Parabens Affect Our Health?

For years, parabens have been used to extend the shelf life of personal care products. If parabens are so safe, why is there an influx of products stating, “paraben-free” on the label?  Is it because research has linked parabens to … Continue reading

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Can Sodium Lauryl Sulfate be Used Safely in our Products?

When we examine the labels of all the lotions and potions we apply to our skin and scalp each day, is there reason for concern – yes?  Where does one turn to obtain the facts?    We turned to an expert; … Continue reading

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How to Keep Coarse, Thick Black Hair Moisturized

Black hair in general is thicker than hair of different ethnicities, up to twice as thick to be exact. Because of this, oil from the scalp has a more difficult time reaching all the way to the end of the … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Skin Protected

Our skin is what protects us against injury, heat, and light radiation. Our skin allows us to adjust to the various weather conditions. However, we want to make sure that we protect our skin from getting dry. With dry skin, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Having a Stable Core

In various exercise programs we always hear about the core, but what does the core entail?  How does one strengthen the core without resulting in injury? According to Dr. Duane Paterson of Universal Chiropractic & Functional Rehabilitation, the core is … Continue reading

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Muscle Mass…When do we start to lose it?

Dr. Duane Paterson of Universal Chiropractic & Functional Rehabilitation in Elk Grove, CA, also known by his colleagues and friends as “Dr. P.” Dr. Paterson is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy … Continue reading

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