Keeping Your Skin Protected

Our skin is what protects us against injury, heat, and light radiation. Our skin allows us to adjust to the various weather conditions. However, we want to make sure that we protect our skin from getting dry. With dry skin, it can’t be as effective in protecting us from outside factors, nor can we look our best.

Cosmetic products are very important to protecting our skin. If you’re an outdoor person, sunscreen is your best friend, for it’ll protect you from skin aging and skin cancer. Lotions provide protein for your skin to keep it moist, as well as prevent oily skin, which is the factor that causes acne development. Lotion also prevents moisture lost by the skin itself.

In addition, when showering make sure you’re using a bar of soap or body wash soap like Ivory soap, which is safe to use on the skin. Some body wash soaps tend to strip your skin of natural oils, and can also cause allergic reactions if you’re sensitive to chemicals and fragrances found in some soap bar and body wash soaps.

For your face, refer to this article on the benefits of using avocado on your face, and a recipe to applying a facemask to you face. Aside from this natural method of moisturizing your face, make sure to also have some cosmetic products that help to moisturize the face and protect your skin from dryness. Mary Kay cosmetic products are very good to use for moisturizing your face and prevent aging.

One way to prevent acne is making sure you intake the minimum requirement of water. You should drink about 8-10 8 oz. glasses of water on a daily basis. This will help to keep moisture flowing through your skin, and will wash out anything unnecessary that can cause acne to develop.

Follow these tips for keeping your skin moisturized and you’ll be amazed on how your skin will look and feel.

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