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Vegetarianism and Hair

Provides information on vitamins and minerals you should consume to help promote healthy hairhttp://www.heavenlyessence.net/#!Blog/c1o9a/vegetarianism-and-hair

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Winter Skin Care Tips for Healthy, Protected Skin

Don’t go the winter without ways to protect your skin. The dry, cold winter weather can take its toll on your skin. The change in season means changing your skin care routine. By following the tips provided in this article, … Continue reading

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Hair Growing Tips For Beautiful, Healthy Hair

So how do you make hair grow faster? There are different ways to making that happen. Depending on your hair structure and the problems you’re facing now with your hair, you need to find the right way to make your … Continue reading

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How To Take Care of Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair isn’t the best thing to have when trying to have beautiful, healthy hair. Though it isn’t a severe hair problem, it can hinder you from reaching your hair goals. That being said, first thing you should know is … Continue reading

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Hair Look of the Day: Misha Andreasen

    For today’s hair look of the day we’re going to talk about Misha Andreasen. She lives in Sacramento, CA. She’s going to Sierra college with a major in Small Business Entrepreneur. She is also into modeling and has … Continue reading

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Take Your Vitamins to Promote Healthy Hair and Skin

To promote healthy and great looking hair and skin, vitamins are a great contributor to this. If you’re looking to have better looking hair or skin, or maintain your hair and skin now, what you put into your body will … Continue reading

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