Darlene Alexander and her husband, Michael Alexander, founded Heavenly Essence in 2005, with headquarters in Sacramento, California. The Heavenly Essence Pure’ity™ brand is the only line of hypo-allergenic hair care products created specially for the ethnic market.

The first products to launch under the Pure’ity brand are a shampoo and conditioner, both in Peppermint and Citrus. They are available in beauty supply stores and hair salons at the attractive price of under $10 per 8 oz. bottle. This makes the Pure’ity line a compelling buy for health-conscious consumers.

Pure’ity shampoos and conditioners have been market tested in Sacramento, Los Angeles, and two southern states. Consumers applauded the products’ gentle but deep-cleansing ability, the delicate, natural scent, and the way they condition
relaxed, natural, and color-treated hair. And people loved the fact that Pure’ity works wonders without synthetic, allergy-causing chemicals.

To find out more about Heavenly Essence and Pure’ity Hair Care Products, visit www.heavenlyessence.net

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