Philicia After Using Pure'ity

“Hi, my name is Philicia and before I started using Pure’ity shampoo and conditioner my hair was very dry and frizzy. I had a lot of split ends and my hair wouldn’t grow as fast as it use to. When I first started using Pure’ity I could already tell the difference while washing my hair. It felt different as soon as I used it. Then like three weeks later my hair was more soft, shinny, and managable. My hair is naturaly thick and wavy and with Pure’ity my curls came out more which I loved! My hair also started growing and everyone was noticing how long and soft my hair became. It’s been about a month I’ve been using Pureity and my hair hasn’t felt this good in a long time!” – Philicia Haynes

Misha Andreasen

Misha Andreasen

“Before using Pure’ity hair care products I always had a problem with a dry and itchy scalp, and some dandruff. For a long time I thought I wasn’t washing my hair enough because I wouldn’t wash it every day. Then I thought it might be from not washing the shampoo and conditioner out enough. Once I started using Pure’ity shampoo and conditioner I wasn’t having either problem of a dry and itchy scalp or any dandruff. I have long thick hair so washing it every day can be a bit of a hassle and I even tested going back to my old shampoo for a couple weeks and found that the products I was using was the problem. Pure’ity hair products are amazing, I love what they do for my hair, it stays so soft, and doesn’t get oily. My scalp is not dry and itchy and I don’t get dandruff. The Pure’ity hair care products are wonderful and I have never been one to stick with the same products I always changed for whatever was on sale or where ever I was shopping when I needed something. I will not be doing that any more, I will be sticking with the Pure’ity shampoo and conditioner because it is wonderful and does so much for my hair.” – Misha Andreasen

DaRico Jackson, Photo: Bobby Quillard

“I love the Pure’ity Line. The shampoos and conditioners smell good. They aren’t abrasive, and the elasticity is good after the shampoo and the hair still fills full of moisture. Sometimes the hair can feel rough after shampooing it, especially if mint or eucalyptus is added. The conditioner made the hair feel extra soft after using the shampoo, especially after when I put it under the dryer for 15 minutes. Pure’ity gets an A. The peppermint shampoo and conditioner was a nice touch to the scalp. The customers raved about how clean their hair and scalp felt.” – Celebrity Hairstylist DaRico Jacksonwww.daricojackson.com

Alana Finnie

Alana Finnie

“I found that the Pure’ity products left my hair feeling fabulous!  My hair felt clean, hydrated and looked super shiny after styling.  Since I have sensitive skin, the fact that the products are hypoallergenic really helped my scalp.  It usually gets ridiculously itchy after trying out new hair products, but this time, it felt clean and didn’t itch at all. I’d recommend these products to anyone looking to better their hair!” – Beauty Blogger Alana Finnie- www.sassy-fashionista.com

“I enjoy sharing winter activities with my children, but harsh New England  winters can rob my hair of moisture and luster. I have been thrilled to use Pure’ity shampoos and conditioners, as these quality products naturally replenish moisture and nutrients. Now my hair is soft, shiny and smooth in every season!” – Caroline Gavin

“I have fibromyalgia and multiple allergies to many chemicals and fragrances. I have to be very careful about the products I use and I have never experienced a reaction to any of these wonderful products. Pure’ity is the best money can buy!” – Lucinda Wolinski

“It’s been inspiring to work with this client, Darlene Alexander, who has developed a hypo-allergenic product. Sustainability is the way to go. I use it, my hair looks great, and I no longer worry about chemical exposure from my shampoo and conditioner. I’ve given it to my mother, who has sensitivities, as well as to many friends, one of whom no longer has an itchy scalp thanks to Pure’ity shampoo and conditioner!” – Quinne Fokes

“I have used your shampoo exclusively for the past three or four months now and I really like it. First of all, it’s economical – I need to use very little to thoroughly clean my hair. I am amazed at how far a little bit goes. Additionally, my scalp has had a tendency to develop a build-up (dandruff) almost immediately after being washed. With your shampoo, I noticed that I don’t have that reaction. The other thing I like is that the smell of the shampoo is light and clean, without the strong odor of synthetic perfume or fragrance oils.” – Gene Stiles

“Before using Heavenly Essence Pure’ity, I had stopped searching for products. It took 64 years to find something to help manage my hair. I really like your products and will buy them. They make my hair and scalp feel clean and fluffy instead of packed on my head. My hair is coarse, and after I washed and conditioned it with Pure’ity, it had bounce, full of life, smelled clean and not in knots. And you don’t have to use a lot. I can get rid of my wigs – my husband will be happy!” – Ernestine Coleman

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