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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – You decide

On my personal journey of living with fragrance and chemical sensitivities, I’ve encountered many people along the way with a similar condition. As our environment becomes increasingly toxic, people are encountering sensitivities that they’ve never had before. What amazes me … Continue reading

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The Urgent Need For Checking The Safety of RX and Supplements Interactions

This past Christmas was a time of celebration; I celebrated the birth of our Lord and Savior and I celebrated family. Sometimes we forget how important it is to celebrate and appreciate people while they’re still alive. The gifts are … Continue reading

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Which products are best for you Organic or Natural?

As a person speaking from experience, I’ve lived the last few years being cautious as to what I use on my skin and hair because of sensitivities. I’ve had to learn not to purchase products based upon what they claim … Continue reading

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Are YOU hyper-sensitive to odors and fragrances?

There’s no mistaking a person with fragrance sensitivities. We’re the ones who have to venture down the detergent aisle as quickly as possible to purchase our All Free & Clear detergent. We’re the ones who have to make a mad … Continue reading

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Stand In The Midst of Your Trials

I recently had the pleasure of reading an article, “Going the Distance” in Whole Living Body + Soul (A Martha Stewart Publication) by Ann Mehl. After enduring a break up with her first real boyfriend she decided to take up … Continue reading

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