Ingredients You Should Look For in Hair and Skin Products

When it comes to beautiful hair and skin, many are willing to do whatever it takes to look their best. But what about feeling their best as well? There’s still much ground to still be covered when it comes to healthy hair and skin products, but beauty companies are starting to answer the call. Some products do wonders, while others are a hit and miss. As a consumer, you want to be aware of some of the ingredients to look for in hair and skin products that will benefit your hair and skin in a healthy way.

To give you some leeway on where to start when looking for the right ingredients in products, four beauty experts were asked from their knowledge and experience which ingredients to look for that will benefit your hair and skin.

“It is very important to apply a good skin care line with a powerful blend of antioxidants to help to protect skin from free radicals,” said Monica Kovacsinszky, who is a Beauty Consultant of Market America.  “Ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, OPC-3 are the more powerful ones. It’s most important to choose a product for your skin type and special needs.”

Melissa Douglas, beauty blogger of MyHair Paradise, says that green tea extract is a good ingredient that helps prevent sun damage to skin, and that aloe leaf is a natural moisturizer for hair and skin.

Sonya Stratfull, a hair stylist, agrees that aloe leaf is a healthy ingredient for skin, and says she mixes aloe leaf gel with jojoba oil and a little water to use as a lotion and as sunscreen for when she’s in the sun for extended hours. In addition, whenever she buys lotion, she tries to find something with shea butter because it helps to moisturize the skin, especially in the winter.

One product Sonya recommends is One With Nature Shea Butter lotion since it doesn’t like greasy after application and doesn’t have a strong scent.

“Natural fruit extracts are ingredients that have been known to do well to promote healthy hair and skin, said Charlie Emery, who provides beauty tips on her YouTube channel Chararie03. “Avocado is also a great natural moisturizer. Anything infused with avocado is going to sink into the hair and skin rather well to promote moisturized and healthy hair and skin.”

In this article you know of some of the ingredients that are healthy for your hair and skin. Although these are only a fraction of the many ingredients that are good for hair and skin, these are definitely some of the most important ingredients your hair and skin needs to stay healthy and allow you to look great on the outside.

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