Macadamia Oil: How It Greatly Benefits Hair

Having a product that’s nearly perfect and versatile is hard to come by. However, macadamia oil is one of those products that graces this status. This type of rich oil comes from the macadamia plant. This plant was first founded in Australia, but now these plants are being grown out in Hawaii. The macadamia plants help grow macadamia seeds, and it’s these seeds that produce the rich nutrient oriented oil that the hair craves for.

So what makes this oil so abundant compared to other oils. First off, macadamia oil is highly nutritious, which contains great sources of calcium, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, proteins, phosphorus and iron and contains 80 percent mono saturated fat. It also contains a very high amount of Palmitoleic acid (an omega 7 fatty acid). Palmitoleic acid is what helps skin stay young looking. But being that this oil is non-greasy and lightweight, it absorbs into the hair easily. This is a great benefit for you, as it’s better to have a product that can absorb into your hair fast instead of it causing build up or residue.

So being that macadamia oil is highly rich with the vitamins and nutrients mentioned, how exactly does your hair benefit from the use of it? Well for one, the highly concentrated mono-unsaturated fats in the oil helps protect the hair and scalp from damage. The high absorption and deep penetration of the hair and scalp means both obtain the proper moisture they need to stay healthy. The vitamin E contained in the macadamia oil helps hair to soften and rejuvenate. Even thick, coarse hair is able to soften up. The proteins help to strengthen and promote healthy hair. Macadamia oil eliminates frizzy hair, detangles hair to make it more manageable, adds shine to the hair, replenishes hair from damage, provides UV radiation protection, and leaves hair silky and smooth.

Macadamia oil, compared to other oils like flaxseed, coconut oil, sunflower, and olive, is the premium oil in comparison. This and argan oils are the best oils of choice for your hair. The only downside to this oil is for those who are sensitive to natural products and ingredients, and are maybe allergic to macadamia seeds or oil. Otherwise, macadamia oil should be one of the primary products you add in your collection to use during your daily hair care routine. Your hair will experience wonderful results.


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