Receive The Perfect Hair Blowout by Stephanie Hobgood

Celebrity Hairdresser Stephanie Hobgood

Celebrity Hairdresser Stephanie Hobgood

Celebrities have very busy schedules. They spend their time getting paid for their perspective work, from going to meetings, sponsoring events, partaking in interviews and promoting their work. What is one thing these busy individuals do a lot of? They spend a lot of time meeting people and in front of the public eye. What does that mean for them? They must look professional and beautiful at all times.

That means their hair must look good. They need the moisture, healthiness and volume to make their hair feel alive in front of people and in front of the camera. Celebrities and professionals are too busy to try and keep their hair looking good themselves. Celebrities spend entire days in front of the camera, promoting their movies or conducting interviews. So how in the world do their hair continuously look wonderfully flawless in the spotlight? Skilled hairdressers like Stephanie Hobgood are the masterminds behind helping celebrity’s and professional’s hair look glamourous at all times. After all, wonderful looking hair will appeal the massive amount of viewers who care about these individuals.

So are you a professional or upcoming celebrity who wants flawless looking hair as well? Hobgood is more than happy to make sure your hair is full of life and full of bounce. That’s what she does. She’s mastered the perfection of adding volume to your hair.  Celebrities like Anna Kendrick, Christina Ricci, Kendra Wilkinson, and Britney Spears have all benefited from her services, and so can you.

Hobgood’s journey as a Celebrity Hairdresser has always been a pleasant ride, and she is looking to continue to evolve like a boxing at his prime. In this interview you find out what makes her stand out from other hairdressers, as Marketing Director Sheldon Alexander from Heavenly Essence, Inc. had a chance to talk with her so she can share of her ways she helps client’s hair breathe much life, and tips on how you can do it yourself.

Sheldon Alexander: How did you get started doing hair?

Stephanie Hobgood's Previous Work

Stephanie Hobgood's Previous Work


Stephanie Hobgood: I think it all started when I was a little girl. I always had doll heads and perm rods. My mom went to beauty school, but she never finished because she had me and got married. I noticed early on I had always had a brush in my hand. I spend my whole teen and adult hood doing hair. I always had a knock for it. I would do my friend’s hair for special occasions like the junior prom. I was a hairdresser for my friend’s hair, which was what I wanted to be. At one point I kept thinking to myself, ‘What do I really want to do in life?’ I thought the corporate world was boring. While I was working in retail, I finally realized that it was right in front of my face, that hair and beauty was something I was good at. I then attended Paul Mitchell academy school. We always had photo shoots in school, and we would have big named hairdressers that would train us to help us increase our skills as a hairdresser. I was fortunate enough to acquire the quality training that most academy schools are reluctant to offer.

SA: How long have you been professionally doing hair for?

SH: In 1997 I started beauty school. So 13 years

SA: You are known for providing amazing hair blowouts correct?

SH: Correct my clients call me “The Big and Bouncy” (laughs). I got some hardcore training for blow drying. Blowouts are the essence for styling, cutting, having the right moves, and the right texture. All of that can be accomplished from a simple blow out. I have a lot of long hair clients and so they want the big sexy long hair. They want the shiny, healthy, smooth “Victoria Secret” type hair.

SA: How did you manage to become proficient in hair blowouts?

Stephanie Hobgood's Previous Work

Stephanie Hobgood's Previous Work


SH: The training that I received was what helped me learn how to do the blow outs again and again. I practiced and believed there was a lot to learn, and plus having the natural talent is also essential. First I worked for Michael Canale, who had some really good tricks. He was a great colorist and had some great coloring techniques that I learned. Then I got my styling techniques from Frederick Sekkai. He had the ideal styling techniques that I picked up on and he taught me how to do blow outs. Edward Tricomi and Joe Warren are who gave me the most important training of my hairdressing career. I met Edward at the airport. I was a huge fan of him, so I walked up to him and said I wanted to work for him, and he allowed me to demonstrate my hairstyling techniques. He was astonished by my demonstration and hired me on the spot.

SA: How do you provide a perfect blowout for your clients?

SH: You must first have clean hair, good products and a nice brush. The right tools are my biggest weapons. I have to have a professional blowdryer, and a good boar bristle brush. I always use round brushes. That’s just my personal preference. I’ve only used the same brush since I started professional hairdressing (laughs). I have a Elchim blow dryer and a Ibizahair brush and they are the best. I’ve used them for 13 years. 30 minutes or less is the length of time I normally blow-dry their hair since for most people time is money. So 30 minutes is normally the time I recommend that you blow dry your hair to remove excess water from your hair and to ensure your hair has volume.

SA: How does hair blowouts benefit the hair?

SH: I think a good blow out lasts for a couple of days. I think your hair benefits because you’re not extensively using the same tools and hair products. A great blowout means you don’t have to wash and dry your hair constantly. It helps to prevent over styling. You can then just brush your hair to keep a good style and not have to continuously brush to cause hair to damage. If your hair is blown out right your hair can look good regardless.

SA: What are some of the drawbacks your hair can experience if the blowout isn’t done properly?

SH: If hair isn’t blown out right, for one it’s not going to last. Second, if the roots aren’t dry, your hair will frizz, the texture of your hair will change, and the texture will not last. If the excess moisture isn’t taking out of your hair after washing it then your hair will curl up and frizz. If it’s over blown then your hair will look and feel over static. Over processed hair will look and feel like wool.

SA: You were recently in a event where you serviced some celebrities correct? If so, how was that experience?

Stephanie Hobgood's Previous Work

Stephanie Hobgood's Previous Work


SH: The event I attended was Sundance. It was my first time being there. It was lovely. With the celebrities it was all work and no play. It was fun though. What made it a lot of work was because you have to service their hair and be there to help maintain their hair since they are constantly in front of the camera. They have to do interviews and do screening. They have much to do and so I have to keep their hair looking good. It’s a celebrity’s job to go to parties and events because they are getting paid for what they do. They have to promote their movies and such and so it’s a very busy lifestyle for them. So it was an amazing experience to be there to help them stay looking good. I did celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks, Zera Farmiga, Elizabeth Reaser, etc.

SA: What are some typical hair problems your clients face?

SH: Lack of volume and dry hair are two common problems my clients have. People want silky, moisturized hair. Some of my client’s hair is super fine and healthy but is limb and doesn’t have body. And then some people have slick, beautiful hair but is dry. So it’s either moisturizing their hair I have to do or help to add volume for their hair.

SA: What are some suggestions you can make for taking care of hair daily?

SH: Brushing your hair is important. Brush up often as possible. Not a lot of people do it. It helps to take natural oils from the roots to the ends of your hair. It also stimulates the scalp. Brush you hair for five minutes at a time. It’s important to brush your hair before taking a shower, brush before going to bed, etc. I would recommend a mason tearson brush or boar bristle brush to brush hair on a daily basis.

SA: What are your future plans to making your hairstylist profession evolve?

SH: I recently been asking myself that lately (laughs). I don’t know it’s a funny question. I just want to be more happy, and maybe create a new product to use on celebrities. The product would be something just to test out. I have a good passion for natural hair products.

SA: Anything else that you would like to share?

SH: I just love what I do. I hope I can continue helping people to stay gorgeous.

To find out more about Stephanie Hobgood, please visit for more details as well as photos of her wonderful work.

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