Let April Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals for 2011

April Ashford

April Ashford

Do you have a resolution like most have to try to lose weight, get fit, and look/feel your best? Turn those resolutions into a commitment that you will implement everyday. If you don’t know which direction to go, that’s understandable, as there is a clutter of various products, fitness programs, and diet plans with many of them that undelivered for the end user. However, April Ashford, based on her own personal experience with Team Beachbody, can tell you that this opportunity really works in helping you achieve a great looking and healthy physique.

April believes in the Team Beachbody opportunity so much that she’s now on the front line to help others achieve the same goals as her. Since implementing the programs offered by the company, she’s lost 30+ pounds, and is still going on strong. She is now a part of the company as a “coach,” helping others to achieve their fitness goals. Here’s her explanation in regards to the opportunity:

“Beachbody as you might know is the creator of workout programs like P90X and TurboJam. I am a rep for the company. Beachbody refers to their reps as “coaches”. They call us coaches because we are more than just “distributors” or “reps”. Though we have the ability to sell and suggest fitness products and workouts, we also have a vested interest to “coach” the people we are in contact with into a better and healthier way of life. Look at it this way… I’ve thought of myself as a coach for many years while working out in the gym and offering advice to my neighbors. Now I can make it official and start earning money to do what I’ve been doing passionately for all these years. We are all products of the products and LOVE to tell anyone who will listen about our opportunity and what it has to offer.”

One of the programs they offer, called the Insanity Program, contains what you call Max Interval Training, an extremely intense workout regime that focuses on strength, power, resistance, and core training. It is to help transform your body within 60 days. As the program helps to burn 1,000 calories per hour, it lives up to its claim, as April is a living testimony of how this program delivers.

The program won’t work unless you commit to it, and sometimes you may need motivation. April can help motivate you, and coach you in order to reach your goals. It’s her passion, and she’ll turn that passion into positive impact on your life. To find out more about Team Beach Body and April, or to contact her for questions, visit her website by clicking on this link

You can also check out April’s YouTube channel for videos of the Team Beach Body programs.

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