How to Get Natural Curls Without Using Heat


It’s common to rely on a curling iron or flat iron in order to develop hair into a curly finish. However, when you’re Rozalia Chiru, a beauty blogger, you seek alternate methods of developing those fresh, sensational curls.

In her video, “Natural Heatless Curls Using Aloe Gel,” she demonstrates step by step on how she was able to create this magnificent hairstyle with just a little aloe gel, and some bobby pins.

She also outlined the steps she followed in the video for you to try right away:

  • Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo
  • On damp hair apply aloe gel, working it through the ends of your hair
  • Next make a high ponytail right on top of your head
  • Then use the doughnut
  • Secure it with some bobby pins and goodnight

It is recommended that you follow these steps prior to sleeping for optimum results. But you are still able to achieve a sexy, neat look even during the day.

Rozalia Chiru educates people on natural, healthy methods to having beautiful, healthy hair and skin. Go to her website for more videos and content of her beauty tips.


Darlene Alexander is a licensed cosmetologist for 31 years, is an author, and is a manufacturer of professional hair products. She helps salon professionals provide healthy hair solutions for their clients to give them beautiful, healthy, sensational hair! You can contact her at her email and visit for the latest hair care and salon business tips.

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