How To Treat Oily Hair

Some people tend to have an excess production of natural oils that distribute from the scalp to their hair. This excessive distribution of oils can weigh the hair down, giving it no volume and no life it needs for styling purposes. Further more, hair products that either add oil or promote oil production in the scalp can also create a factor if used excessively. If you are one of these people going through the frustrating moments of dealing with oily hair, here are some tips to helping you against this issue so that your hair can have life in order to style freely.

Shampoo your hair frequently- If you heavily produce natural oils, you will need to shampoo your hair more often than others. Use a shampoo that doesn’t have a lot of detergent inside but one that’s gentle so that your hair can still remain moist. In the event that your shampoo isn’t lathering into your hair correctly, it’s because the oils in your hair are preventing that. So you may need to shampoo twice in a row so that the second time it lathers better. Shampoo hair daily if you need to. For better results, work the shampoo through the scalp first, massaging the scalp when applying the shampoo.

Help slow down oil production- In addition to shampooing hair, you want to use warm water during this process. Then when it’s time to rinse your hair, use cold water, which will close the pores in the scalp to slow oil production.

Using Conditioners and Hair Products- You want to stay away from deep conditioning agents as well as oil based products (olive and coconut oil are examples). These products just add more oil to weigh hair down. You’ll need to use other hair products that still contain vitamins and nutrients your hair can absorb.  When using conditioner, apply small amounts when doing so.

Brushing your hair- Make sure that you brush your hair when it’s dry, and don’t brush too often, as this can increase the flow of oils throughout your hair. Brush from the ends to the scalp, distributing oils throughout your hair and scalp.

Keep styling tools clean- Make sure you clean your brush, flat iron, and curling iron after every use. This will help remove the hairspray and hair product build up in your styling tools so that they don’t get into your hair when used again.

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