New Pure’ity Product Testimonial and Review

Another user has had a chance to try out our Pure’ity hair care products and was deeply satisfied off of the results. If you haven’t been convinced that our products can bring your hair to life with more body, volume, manageability, or growth, please read this testimonial of Alana Finnie, the beauty blogger of Sassy Fashionista:

Alana Finnie

Alana Finnie

“I found that the Pure’ity products left my hair feeling fabulous!  My hair felt clean, hydrated and looked super shiny after styling.  Since I have sensitive skin, the fact that the products are hypoallergenic really helped my scalp.  It usually gets ridiculously itchy after trying out new hair products, but this time, it felt clean and didn’t itch at all. I’d recommend these products to anyone looking to better their hair!” – Alana Finnie-

Alana has also written a review of our Pure’ity hair care products where she gives her experience of using our products and what she thought of them in more dept. You can read the review, along with her beauty and fashion articles by clicking on the link below:

If you enjoyed the review, and would like to learn more about our Pure’ity products, contact us at 916-501-3766 or click on this link to sign up for our email newsletter.

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