You Can Have Beautiful Skin from the Help of James Vincent

Whether a person is involved in a white-collared position, acting, modeling, or music performing, make up is important to wear to look more presentable or for a more natural appearance. Celebrity Make-Up Artist James Vincent of Hair Room Service knows that for a fact, and is happy to be able to help his clients be prepared to present themselves to the public eye.

Celebrity Make-Up Artist James Vincent

Vincent has been fortunate to be able to offer his make up services on several fronts, which include film and theatre, celebrity work, editorial and runway work. His success keeps evolving, as even after being founder of the niche make up line Pretty Pretty, he’s now focused on working internationally in fashion, film, theater, and editorial. He’s also the Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show, an event that’s set to take place at the end of next month.

Just like every person that’s achieved success in their perspective fields, Vincent started small. Sheldon Alexander, Marketing Director of Heavenly Essence, Inc., got a chance to catch up with Vincent to find how he got into doing make up, as well as a few make up tips you can use for your daily make up routine.

Sheldon Alexander: How did you get started down the career path of a make up artist?

James Vincent: I kinda fell into it. I went to school majoring in Social Work with a concentration on Women Studies. In the early 1990’s, two cosmetic companies, Bodyshop and Mac, started a camp for children with HIV. I had set up a camp as well, and so we kinda collided. They liked what I was doing and that’s how I got hired 15-16 years ago as a make up artist. Eventually in 1996 I started providing make up services for celebrities. I did Pebbles, Xscape, Da Brat, among others. I started working with CNN as a make up artist and did make up for anyone that was based in Atlanta.

SA: Who is your most challenging client and why?

JV: I’d say the most challenging person I did was Kate Gosselin from ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8.’ She was pretty challenging. She wasn’t a nice person at all, and that’s what made things challenging for me when doing her make up.

SA: Why is it important to get to know your clients you provide services to?

JV: I think it’s important because you’re dealing with people at their most vulnerable. You want to make sure you have a connection with them and understand what their needs are, their likes and dislikes, and what their goals are in life. This way you can help them look their best and feel their best. Getting to know your clients should come natural.

SA: What are some of your typical make up services you normally provide to your clients?

JV: I do a lot of high definition television make up. Whatever their challenges are I do my best in order for them to look and feel their best in their perspective atmosphere.

SA: In your words, how much of an impact does make up have on someone involved in professions such as modeling or acting?

JV: There’s a huge a impact. Make up transforms someone to make them look more naturally appealing. You can turn a model into anything they want to be like. For actors make up can really open up careers. It creates a character’s age. For models it’s important for like Naomi Campbell to have make up so she can look like a chameleon and meet the needs of her clients.

SA: What are common skin problems your clients have?

JV: The biggest skin issue is fatigue and dehydration. I think that when a person is tired from no sleep or lack of water that causes their skin to not look as good.

SA: What are some make up products that you recommend women stray away from and why?

JV: I would just recommend women purchase and use a specific line that fits their needs, instead of purchasing everything that they feel makes them look good.

SA: What kind of skin care tips can you provide for women who place emphasis in wearing make up daily?

JV: You got to have a great cleanser, a great toner, and a great moisturizer. And SPF is essential. I recommend a SPF of 30. I recommend they use their cleanser, toner, and moisturizer twice a day. However, it still depends on skin tone, and skin type, and so you may have to adjust the use of your products accordingly.

SA: What are some tips you can provide for women looking to have a certain great look to them when using make up and cosmetic products?

JV: Invest in your tools, which include brushes, eyelash curlers, and sponges. Invest in everything you need in order to enhance the application of the product into your skin. Pay attention to your products. Change your mascara every 4-6 weeks. Change your lipstick every year.That’ll help determine the difference on a good application for you or a bad application.

SA: Is there anything else you would like to share?

JV: I want to encourage women to understand that beauty is important. Every woman can have their own natural look, regardless of skin color. You can find a make up that works for you. In regards to recommendations of different brands, my Embryolisse Alit Creme is a great all purpose moisturizer for women. I also love Young Blood Cosmetics, as well as Minerals in the Mist, which are great products for a recharge for women on the go. Make Up Forever, HT Elixir is a pure all skin care product. And a great eyelash curly is Kevin Laquan. These products are make up specific and make any kind of skin look good. Lastly, I wanted to share information about The Make Up Show, which is in Los Angeles, CA. It takes place on February 26th and 27th. It’s open to anyone in the beauty and fashion industry. The show is a great place to pick up the newest products, but also learn the new skin care techniques and the newest things that are happening in the beauty industry. To find out more information about the show, is where you need to go.

For more information about James Vincent, or to book an appointment with him to help you with your skin care routine, visit or call at 866-222-7566.


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