Pure’ity Hair Product Testimonial By Misha Andreasen

Everyone wants beautiful, moisturized, and healthy hair, but who wants itchy scalp, dry hair, or oily hair? Not many people do, and yet they’re using hair products that are causing these problems. Our Pure’ity hair care products are continuing to help people have the moisturized, beautiful and healthy hair they’re looking for. Misha Andreasen is one of those people, and here’s her testimonial she provided on her experience with our products:

Misha Andreasen

Misha Andreasen

“Before using Pure’ity hair care products I always had a problem with a dry and itchy scalp, and some dandruff. For a long time I thought I wasn’t washing my hair enough because I wouldn’t wash it every day. Then I thought it might be from not washing the shampoo and conditioner out enough. Once I started using Pure’ity shampoo and conditioner I wasn’t having either problem of a dry and itchy scalp or any dandruff. I have long thick hair so washing it every day can be a bit of a hassle and I even tested going back to my old shampoo for a couple weeks and found that the products I was using was the problem. Pure’ity hair products are amazing. I love what they do for my hair. My hair stays so soft, and doesn’t get oily. My scalp is not dry and itchy and I don’t get dandruff. The Pure’ity hair care products are wonderful and I have never been one to stick with the same products I always changed for whatever was on sale or where ever I was shopping when I needed something. I will not be doing that any more, I will be sticking with the Pure’ity shampoo and conditioner because it is wonderful and does so much for my hair.”Misha Andreasen

She’s loved the wonderful results her hair is receiving from our products, and now you can do the same. Whether you’re trying to add more volume to your hair, eliminate dry scalp or dry hair, or want to simply maintain your healthy hair, our products can do that for you. Make our products a part of your hair care routine now by calling us at 916-501-3766. Visit our site for more info on our products at www.heavenlyessence.net

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