Promote Healthy Hair Through Green Tea

The healthy and healing properties of green tea cannot be ignored. Whether consumed in the form of green tea drinks or through hair products, your hair will benefit greatly off of this important ingredient. We know that green tea has antioxidants to cleanse the body as well as fight off cancer and production of unnecessary bacteria. But in what ways does your hair benefit off of green tea? Below are some of the benefits:

Stimulates Hair Growth- One of the main antioxidants green tea contains is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG for short). This helps to promote hair growth and also a healthy scalp. In addition, it eliminates the production of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF), a molecule that’s linked to cancer and causes hair loss. EGCG is said to help prevent hair loss.

Soothes the Scalp- Green tea is one of the remedies to combating dry, itchy scalp. If you’re suffering from that or dandruff and psoriasis, then green tea will help to soothe the scalp, thus reducing chances of these problem occurring. Using a shampoo with green tea or applying a green tea rinse after shampooing can reduce chances of scalp irritation. When looking for a hair product, be sure to look for one that has green tea but is free of any chemicals and fragrances that can strip the hair and scalp or natural oils, thus causing scalp irritations.

Strengthens and Conditions hair- With vitamin C, vitamin E, and panthenol also contained in green tea, you can rest assure that your hair will look and feel beautiful. Vitamin E helps to restore dry and damaged hair. Vitamin C helps hair to stay healthy and protect it against damage from UV radiation. Panthenol helps to strengthen and soften the hair and prevent split ends.

As versatile as green tea is, and the benefits your hair will receive from it, it’s time to incorporate this important nutrient into your hair care routine if you haven’t already. Always look in the back of the bottles of hair products for green tea as an added ingredient, or check the front, as some products are green tea formulated. If anything else, be sure to consume beverages rich in green tea.

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2 Responses to Promote Healthy Hair Through Green Tea

  1. Tiana Green says:

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  2. The healthy and healing properties of green tea cannot be ignored!!!this is cool!!

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