DaRico Jackson’s way of Crafting Innovative Hair Services

DaRico Jackson, Photo: Bobby Quillard

One chance you have in life to make an impressive impact to those you come in contact with in one industry. One choice is what you have to excel in a specific field. For many it may take awhile before they know what they want to do in life. But for celebrity hairstylist DaRico Jackson, he knew where his calling was in the early stages of his life, and today is living it as each day goes by.

With a passion for taking care of client’s hair, and after obtaining special education from the National Academy of Beauty Arts, gaining experience of helping clients behind the chair, and pulling strings to gain media attention, DaRico has made a household name for himself in the beauty industry. Sheldon Alexander, Marketing Director of Heavenly Essence, Inc., managed to have a chance to interview the celebrity hairstylist to find out how he chose and went through the path of success in hair care and beauty, while giving you hair tips along the way.

Sheldon Alexander: How did you get started doing hair?

DaRico Jackson: I started doing hair at my Granny’s house when I was around 7 or 8 yrs.  Every time I went to visit, I would play “beauty shop” with my Aunt Felicia.  We would line up all the dolls, comb their hair, put them away and start all over the next day.  Eventually I moved on to doing her hair, then my cousin, aunt’s and uncle’s hair next.  Finally in my junior year at Dillard University, (where I majored in Mass Communications/ Advertising Sales) I secreted attended a beauty school at The Academy of Scientific Hair Designs, and the rest was history!

SA: Who is your most challenging client and why?

DaRico Jackson and Nia Long


DJ: My Most Challenging client would have to be Nia Long. Nia is one of Hollywood’s most “polished” performers, which makes the expectations really high.  My challenge is that because of all the “fabulous hair dressers” before me, like Tracy Johnson, Kim Kimble, and Tre Major just to name a few, not only am I compared to that type of talent, I’m new on the scene so “scrutiny” became my middle name. Not to mention she “knows” exactly what she wants from a trainer’s perspective.  Had she not been an actor, she would have been a “Hairdresser”, you follow? Working with her has definitely enhanced my skills.

SA: Why is it important to get to know your clients you provide services to?

DJ: Its important to get to know your clients for a lot of reasons on a lot of different levels, so that you can proficiently and efficiently service your client. For example, one of my clients has an active life with children. Because of that, she has very little time in the mornings before she goes to work, which tells me that she needs a low maintenance style, where as the “Industry Fashionista” can always pull off something a little more progressive and hot!

SA: Why are hairstyles so important for people to wear?

DJ: Hairstyles are so important because in most cases that is the very first impression of a person’s character, and depending on how shallow the encounter, it can become the bases of who you are in one’s mind.

SA: What is the most common hair problem or need your clients have?

DJ: The most common hair problem and/or need involve dry hair and itchy scalp. Although they seem to go hand in hand, you can have one without the other.  I usually recommend someone with either problem use Mizani Scalp Care Shampoo and Conditioner.  This product contains active medicines that will not only control the itch, but it will work towards resolving the problems, while at the same time providing balanced amounts of moisturizers and proteins to help maintain the hair’s integrity.

Vivica Fox, Photo: Michael Schmitz

SA: What are, if any, are the differences in providing services to celebrities as opposed to regular people?

DJ: None… All my clients are made to feel like they are number one. I appreciate each of them as if my life depends on it. I give as much attention to the first as I do to the last, in any situation.  It’s imperative and a very important part of who I am.

SA: Sometimes, due to hair problems like thinning hair, it’s hard for people to maintain the hairstyle they want. What do you normally suggest to your clients on maintaining their hairstyles?

DJ: I offer a lot of suggestions, like products that will enhance the strands and make the hair look fuller, extensions for fullness. In addition, the add-ons hold curl a little better than natural hair. Wear a satin bonnet, or get a full head of extensions (weave) and cover it all up.  This will protect your hair and give you an opportunity to have any style you’d like, with several opportunities.

SA: How do you normally treat clients with dry, damaged hair?

Rochelle Aytes, Photo: Michael Schmitz

DJ: When I have clients with dry damaged hair, I find out what’s causing the problem so that I can determine the hair’s needs. So in the essence of the hair depleted of protein due to excessive coloring, I will more than likely use Renew Strength Shampoo and Renew Strength Conditioning Gelee, along with the strengthening capsule. Not only does it make the hair feel strong instantly, but also the capsule makes it super soft.

SA: What kinds of hairstyles are best for people to wear during the winter?

DJ: When winters are brisk, hats are essential, “so there goes the hairdo!” (Laughs). Well my suggestion would be to wear styles that snap back, like naturals, bombs and sets.

SA: Is there anything else you would like to share?

DJ: Absolutely! I’m working on a documentary called “AIN’T I A WOMAN: Fifty of the Most Influential Black Women and the Truth Behind There Hair.” This will be a fully featured coffee table book with never before seen editorial photos of my fabulous fifty, in situations created by my famous industry friends and me. Although the book will be full of celebrity ladies that we know and love, I’ll include a few other black ladies who are doing big things in the background that we should know about.  The Magic Begins with a release date of December of 2011.  Watch for it!

Find out more about DaRico Jackson at www.daricojackson.com or contact him for bookings via phone at 310-926-5838 or email at daricojackson@yahoo.com

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