Hairstyle Tips from Celebrity Hairstylist DaRico Jackson

Hairstyle 1

First distribute a generous amount of gel through the hair and let dry slightly, next apply hair wax and use your fingers to create the desired shape by separating each strand. To finish the style, apply hairspray for a stronger hold. If you need touch ups during the day the only thing you need to do is to use a small amount of water to reactivate the hairspray.



Hairstyle 2

Apply mousse. Next, using a blow dryer on low, flip the head over and scrunch the strands by squeezing to create curl and volume. Separate the front section and create a side part using a comb. Take the front hair into two strands and twist to make a twisted bang. Secure behind the ear with bobby pins and use a decorative hair accessory to add that extra holiday sparkle.

Hairstyle 3

Set the hair when dry with hot rollers for about 20 minutes. Remove the rollers and backcomb the hair to create volume at the base of the hair. Separate the front hair from the back leaving the top free. Take the back hair and sides and pull hair back into a ponytail. Twist strands starting at the bottom nape of the neck until all the hair is in a French twist. Next tuck the ends strands in and pin. Using bobby pins to secure the twist. Finish the top by folding it back over the top of the twist, and leaving the volume. Secure it to the top of the twist with hairpins. Next, arrange the front of the hair to suit your face by using a comb and finishing with light hairspray.

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