Hair Tips and Success Story of Celebrity Hairstylist Michael Duenas

Michael Duenas Working on Client

Having a background of hair care knowledge and the ability to implement wonderful hair service to clients based on their hair care needs are a couple of things hairstylists need. Michael Duenas, a celebrity hairstylist, has built a foundation around these two skills. No hairstylist would be able to accomplish that without motivation and passion. Michael has that passion. Founder of Hair Room Service, he has eight years of experience and education of the hair and beauty industry.

With a client list of celebs like Mariah Carey, Sandra Lee, the cast of Jersey Shore to name a few, Michael is looking to expand his foundation that he’s built and continue to be a resource to his clients and other stylists. In the interview below conducted by Sheldon Alexander, Marketing Director of Heavenly Essence Inc., find out more on the reason Michael decided to pursue hairstyling for his career, his biggest hairstyling challenge, and hair tips for obtaining healthy hair, which include taking care of dry, brittle hair.

Sheldon: How did you get started doing hair?

Michael: I surfed with two guys in California when I lived there. They owned a salon there. It became a realization to me that you can make your own schedule, while still being able to be artistic and be able to surf and do your leisure activities. I was 13 when I thought of this, did a apprenticeship program when I was 17, and then after that I started doing hair right away to get my foot in the door. So then I can surf and make people look beautiful as well.

S: Who is your most challenging client and why?

M: Can’t really give a name. There was one person on a photo shoot that when I got there I wasn’t prepared for the request. I had to make her hair look like there was a sweatshirt polo hood on her head.  Had to trim and clean her hair. It wasn’t the easiest thing I had to do.

S: How long did it take you to get her hair serviced?

M: It took me a good 45 minutes to an hour to get her hair looking right, to make her hair looking like a hood. Normally on average, servicing someone’s hair can take thirty minutes depending on the type of service they want.

S: Why is it important to get to know your clients you provide services to?

M: Besides them being my main source of income, it really helps me to know them so then I know what they are going to ask for. I already know what kind of hair requests to expect from them. Once you know someone really well, you can provide the best services that you can so that they can leave happy. Then they will refer all their family and friends to your services and will help to keep your company going.

Michael Duenas Working on Client

S: Why are hairstyles so important for people to wear?

M: I truly feel that it is a way for someone to define themselves and it’s a way of self-expression. Like for example I really liked the 1950’s era. And if I didn’t have a haircut similar to the 50’s but have the clothes to match the 50’s then I wouldn’t really match. Your hairstyle really goes with your since of fashion and how you want to be perceived as. So like if you’re a sophisticated person then you would want a hairstyles that’s more sophisticated. Hairstyles are the most defined aspects of people.

S: What is the most common hair problem or need your clients have?

M: Very dry or very brittle hair. A lot of clients, before I meet them, don’t take the best care of their hair because they keep using the same cheap products over and over and so their hair takes a beating from it. So when they try to blow dry their hair it doesn’t hold the shape from the blow dry.  When they have curly hair their hair is very frizzy and they have a hard time controlling that frizz. So it’s usually more dry and brittle hair than anything else.

S: What products do your clients usually use that cause their hair to brittle and dry up?

M: Usually products located in drug stores that have a lot of chemicals and fragrances that strip the hair of its natural oils. Some of the products have a lot of wax that clog the hair and cubicles.

S: What are, if any, are the differences in providing services to celebrities as opposed to regular clients?

M: The biggest difference is that celebrities have a higher demand in terms of scheduling.  So if they’re doing a photo shoot or doing a TV or movie appearance you have to stay there and maintain their hair so that it looks perfect all the way through. With an everyday client you just do their hair and leave. You’re not there the whole time when doing a everyday client’s hair so you have to make sure you get their hair done right perfect the first time.

S: Sometimes, due to hair problems like thinning hair, it’s hard for people to maintain a hairstyle they want. What do you normally suggest to your clients on maintaining their hairstyles?

M: First off having the proper hair products is definitely a plus. Before you blow-dry your hair, make sure to apply a heat protectant into your hair before the blow dryer hits it. If you have curly hair, I recommend using a leave in moisturizing conditioner and not rinsing it out so your hair is constantly getting that moisture.

S: What kinds of hairstyles are best for people to wear during the winter?

M: For women I recommend hairstyles that keep your hair up. From the harsh winter weathers, the wind and the cold, dry your hair before going outside for the elements can give your hair a huge beating. When you wear your hair down, the wind blows your hair around a lot and can tear the cubicle. Keeping your hair up will keep your hair protected the most against the outside elements. Getting regular maintenance and regular trims will make a huge difference as well so that split ends don’t end up working its way into your hair. For straight hair you should get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks but with curly hair you can go for 3-4 months before trimming your hair since you shouldn’t be washing it or drying it as much.

S: Is there anything else you would like to share?

M: Being the founder of Hair Room Service has taught me a lot about hair since I got to employ and work with a lot of other hair artists. I’ve been able to learn a lot of tips and tricks in the beauty industry. The biggest thing is to ask your fellow hairdresser what you can do. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Being with a knowledgeable hairdresser will mean that you’ll be pointed to the right tips for taking care of your hair and the right products you should be using as well.

Find out more about Michael Duenas, his company and how he can assist you with your hair care needs by visiting

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