Tips to Finding the Best Hairstylist

Still haven’t been able to find the right hairstylist that can do your hair the way you want it done? Fret not for many have had to deal with the situation. There’s nothing worst than having your hair done the wrong way, especially when you told the hairstylist what you wanted or they did your hair the way they thought it should be done. There’s a difference between a hairstylist that does services just to get their paycheck and those who love what they do, listens to their clients, as well as get to know their hair care needs in order to provide the best service based on their needs.

So what exactly should you do as the potential client of a hairstylist? Here are a few tips to finding a good hairstylist:

Word of mouth on the street: If you’re outgoing and happen to come across someone that has great looking hair, compliment them of their great looking hair and then ask them who does their hair. They’ll be more than happy to tell you and answer your questions. You can then ask them questions like related to if they gave them a good cut based on the shape of their face and head instead of just because the look of a hairstyle on a picture. Also it’s important to ask them if they’ve had repeat business with the hairstylist who did their hair and why.

Through Discussion Forums: Online discussion forums are a place where people discuss about several different topics, including hair care and about their experiences with products and hairstylists. Find the right discussion sites by doing a search on Google and then clicking Discussions on the left of the site to find out what sites are good fits. Use these sites to ask questions on finding a hairstylist, or questions regarding existing hairstylists you’re looking into.

Client Reviews and Testimonials: Some hairstylists have their own websites, where you can find testimonials from clients that have been satisfied from their services. Or check out directories like and type in the salon names, where you can read reviews from people that have used their services. This will give you an idea on how their hairstylists are there, whether they care for their clients or just their paycheck.

Through online videos: If hairstylists have YouTube videos on how-to’s or previous hair cutting services they’ve done on satisfied clients, this lets you know that they are skillful in what they do and helpful as well. If they provide value, you should find out more about the quality of their services. Usually those who provide value care about their clients and newcomers alike.

Get a read on the hairstylist: Let the hairstylist know that you are a potential new client and want to find out more about them and the quality of their services, as well as price. A good hairstylist would try to find out more about you and ask probing questions to understand your hair care needs. If they don’t then they’re in a hurry to find people who just want to book an appointment and pay. Listen to their voice and hear if they’re friendly, caring, and have a great personality. You don’t want to get serviced by a hairstylist that acts robotic. They should be willing to answer questions you have in good detail.

Hands on view: Another idea is going with your friend or family member to the salon when they’re getting their hair done through their hairstylist, and being nearby while he/she is getting their hair serviced. You’ll be able to find out how the hairstylist goes about styling their hair, their personality, and how they communicate with your friend and family member.

Test the waters: If push comes to shove that you can’t decide which hairstylist is best out of the few you’re reviewing, you can always try their service once, and see if you’re happy with the results. Then go to a different hairstylist the next time you get your hair done. Experiment with this when getting your hair cut or trimmed, which will be cheaper on your end instead of trying a full hair service. Whichever hairstylist provides the best service out of the few you have considered you should continue giving business to.

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  2. There’s nothing worst than having your hair done the wrong way, especially when you told the hairstylist what you wanted or they did your hair the way they thought it should be done.— good blog!!

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