The Reasons For Hair Breakage

Taking care of hair is beyond using the right hair products for your hair. You also need to be aware of the things that can cause your hair to break and fall out. The reason being is that sometimes you feel like you’re doing all the right things to make your hair healthy or grow, but sometimes it can be that one thing you’re doing that can have a reverse effect on how your hair looks and feels.

Below are a few reasons that your hair is suffering from looking and feeling healthy and beautiful like you want it to:

Exposure to too much heat: Using hairstyling equipment like flat irons and curly irons too frequently is a cause for hair to weaken and break. Blow dryers can also cause hair to get damaged. Should you use these products, you need to make sure you set them at low temperature and straighten your hair by little strands. Also, too much exposure to the sun and washing hair with hot water are also factors that can lead hair to get damaged and break. Check out this link on a few personal experiences women had with heat usage for their hair.

Exposure to too much cold: Cold and dry winter weather is a factor for your hair. Normally if you let your wet hair air dry, you wouldn’t want to go outside with wet hair, where the winter cold can freeze your hair and cause breakage. Especially if there are cold winds and rain, that can cause a drastic effect on your hair. During the winter, you need to be wearing protective hairstyles like braids and buns, and wear loose fit hats or scarves to protect hair from the cold, dry winter weather.

Relaxing your hair: When you get your hair relaxed, you’re exposing your hair to a lot of chemicals. These chemicals can dry up hair, causing breakage if not taken care of. Should you want to get your hair relaxed, try getting one that’s moderately strong, and get your hair relaxed once every 4-6 months. Relaxed hair will require that you condition your hair to replenish your hair’s natural oils. Check out this link on a few personal experiences from users that relaxed their hair.

Leaving hair unwrapped while asleep: If you’re one of those people that tosses and turns, and don’t wrap you hair every night, your hair is taking major punishment as a result. Your hair can pull, and get tangled up if left unwrapped, thus causing breakage. And if you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, the moisture from your hair will end up on that case, thus meaning your hair will be left dry. When you wake up, that’ll be much more work you have to do to get your hair looking good for the day. To save the trouble, make sure to wrap your hair in a scarf, bonnet or doo rag before going to bed. And sleeping on top of silky satin pillowcases will also help.

Frequent brushing and pulling of hair: The more your pull on your hair, the more you’re stretching your hair and causing it to weaken and break. Brushing your hair frequently or too hard is too abusive to your hair. Only brush hair as much as is needed like when styling hair, and try not to pull hair with too much force when styling or using a hair styling tool.

Drugs, alcohol, medication, or smoking: All these bring in chemicals and toxins into your body that, when absorbed, can dry up your scalp and your hair. Your hair’s protein will diminish, and hair will weaken, causing damage and leading to breakage. Alcohol can be bad on your hair if you drink it frequently. Drink red wine, which is healthy for you. Sometimes medication is needed due to health issues, so by all means take them. However, consult with your doctor to find out of, if any, healthy alternatives to help you with your health problems. With medication, only take the recommended amount by your doctor. Overdosing will make your hair suffer, as well as your overall health.

Stress, anxiety, or depression: Sometimes the hardships and trials of life can be painful and make us feel like we’re being stretched too much. When being stressed out or suffering from anxiety or depression, your mind tells your body to deplete the energy and nutrients needed for your hair and scalp. You hair will start to suffer as a result, with hair thinning out and turning dry. These emotional circumstances, if continuous, can lead to health problems, and you’ll be more vulnerable to getting sick as well. Working out is one way to handle the stress, anxiety and depression. But overall, whatever you’re going through, be strong and focus on positive things in your life to remain joyful and at peace.

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