Winter Hair Care Tips for Beautiful, Protected Hair

After the fall comes winter, and so does your hair care needs. The weather during winter differs depending on location. However, the need to care for your hair always remains. During winter, your hair normally becomes dry and difficult to manage. After your hair went through the summer heat, your hair now has to weather through the extreme cold and harsh winter dryness. Here are some tips on how you can protect your hair during the winter.

Condition Your Hair Daily- With your hair being exposed to the cold it’s important to condition it. You can go with a conditioner with natural ingredients like shea butter or emu oil that nurtures the hair and moisturizes it. Or, cream conditioners or leave in conditioners also work wonders for your hair.  Do not wash your hair everyday. Washing hair once a week is best. Condition your hair daily and rinse with cold water. The cold water will help to promote shiny hair. Never use hot water for it’ll strip your hair of moisture. Make sure you deep condition your hair once a week to lock in moisturize into your hair and promote healthy hair.

Use a Hot Oil Treatment- Hot oils can help moisturize hair, rehydrating it if it’s dry from the cold weather, while also providing protection for your hair in the winter. Use a natural hot oil to provide treatment for your hair. Provide this treatment once a week.

To Air Dry Hair or Not- If you washed or conditioned your hair and plan to go outside afterwards, you’re better off covering your hair up with a hat that’s slightly loose or a scarf. Wet hair in the winter cold can make your hair freeze. The wet moisture will dry up and cause hair to break and become damaged. If you need to, use an ionic hair dryer at low temperature to help a little in drying you hair before heading outside.

Wear Protection For Your Hair- Again hats, caps or a scarf can help to protect hair whenever you’re outside.  Make sure it isn’t too tight on your hair, but is slightly loose fitting and can cover your hair. Wearing hats too tightly can cut circulation of your scalp, and the tight constraint of the hair can cause breakage. Wearing headgear is meant to protect hair from the cold weather, wind, and whenever it rains.

Considering Wearing Protective Hairstyles- Instead of wearing your hair out where it can be exposed to the very cold weather, why not wear hairstyles meant to protect hair the best way possible? Hairstyles like braids, two-strand twists, buns, flat twists, bantu knots, short locs, or curls are great hairstyles for the winter. These hairstyles make managing hair during the winter easy. In addition, these hairstyles allow your hair to keep moisture together, as well as protect your ends from breakage.

Use Hair Products Made to Replenish Hair- You want to be using hair products (hair sprays and hair grease) that contain natural ingredients that moisturize your hair. Avoid using hair products that contain chemicals that strip the hair of its natural oils.  In addition, find products that contain the word “Replenish” on them, which mean they are meant to moisturize and protect your hair. Your hair will then have the protection it needs against the cold winter breeze.

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3 Responses to Winter Hair Care Tips for Beautiful, Protected Hair

  1. Abi Chapple says:

    I have found that the best way to moisturise and protect hair my is by using Camellia Oil which is excellent for treating hair and is also thought by many women throughout China, Japan and many other parts of the world to improve the health, and resilience of hair. For intensive conditioning leave in overnight.

  2. The weather during winter differs depending on location. However, the need to care for your hair always remains.!!

    California Hair Stylish , California Hair extension

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