Hair Look and Testimonial of: Philicia Haynes

You remember Philicia Haynes right? The young model that we featured in our Hair Look of the Day mid September. The young woman that has goals in life as well as goals on how she likes her hair to look and feel. If not, read more about her on Hair Look of the Day: Philicia Haynes to find out more about her.

If you remember, she is a current user of our Pure’ity Hair Care Products looking to change the way her hair looks and feels. She’s had problems with dry frizzy hair, split ends, and hair that’s hard to manage and style. Below is two of her photos of how her hair looked before:


Philicia Before Using Pure'ity

However, after only four weeks of using our products, her hair has experienced a massive improvement like never before. From the photos down below, her hair is more shiny, healthy, manageable, and beautiful. Take a look below for the wonderful transformation of her hair:

Philicia After Using Pure'ity

Read more below on what Philicia had to say about how Pure’ity helped change her hair:

“Hi, my name is Philicia and before I started using Pure’ity shampoo and conditioner my hair was very dry and frizzy. I had a lot of split ends and my hair wouldn’t grow as fast as it use to. When I first started using Pure’ity I could already tell the difference while washing my hair. It felt different as soon as I used it. Then like three weeks later my hair was more soft, shinny, and manageable. My hair is naturally thick and wavy and with Pure’ity my curls came out more, which I loved! My hair also started growing and everyone was noticing how long and soft my hair became. It’s been about a month I’ve been using Pure’ity and my hair hasn’t felt this good in a long time!” – Philicia Haynes

There you have it. She has experienced healthy, manageable, and beautiful looking hair that even her friends and family has noticed, and so can you. If you’re struggling with hair and scalp problems, or want to have better-looking hair, our products can help you reach your goals. To learn more about our products or make a purchase, visit or contact us at 916-501-3766 so we can best assist you in getting the beautiful, healthy hair you want and deserve.

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