Hair Look of the Day: Misha Andreasen


Misha Andreasen After Using Pure'ity

Misha Andreasen After Using Pure'ity


For today’s hair look of the day we’re going to talk about Misha Andreasen. She lives in Sacramento, CA. She’s going to Sierra college with a major in Small Business Entrepreneur. She is also into modeling and has a good set of photos on her Facebook profile or on you can take a look at. Though she’s working hard to become successful in the business field, she also has a big heart, is willing to help others as well as give back to those that have helped her.

“I started modeling just this summer because of a dear friend and colleague Grace Sims who is a local designer,” Misha said. “I would like to do more fashion and charity shows in the future. My dream for modeling is to be in a magazine in an ad for Maybelline or some other company that is similar to that.”

One of Misha’s future charity events she’s hoping to do in the future, is a Masquerade ball where the proceeds will go to Shriners Children’s Hospital of Sacramento. She wants to give back to them for their hard work in helping her be able to walk normally. “Without Shriner I would not be able to do the amazing things that I can do today.”

In modeling, having beautiful and healthy hair is important in order to have wonderful looking pictures during a modeling photo shoot. Misha knows this very well, as she not only does what she can to have healthy and great looking hair, but she is also using Pure’ity, our line of hair products to help accomplish her hair goals.

“I have tried many hair products and a lot of them dry my hair out, and will give me a flaky scalp if I don’t wash my hair everyday or every other day,” Misha said. “From using Pure’ity shampoo and conditioner I really like the effects that it has on my hair. The conditioner doesn’t leave my hair heavy and it’s not as poofy when I blow dry it which is great. I really do like the product.”

“I don’t dye my hair and haven’t done that in at least 10 years,” Misha said. “I don’t eat a lot of fast or processed food. In addition, I stay up on healthy eating habits and daily vitamin intake. I want to keep my hair looking and feeling as healthy and beautiful as I can.”

Through Misha’s consistency on taking care of her hair, it shows how great her hair looks in the photos. Her consistency in taking care of her hair and achieving her personal goals will show how great her future will be.

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