Take Your Vitamins to Promote Healthy Hair and Skin

To promote healthy and great looking hair and skin, vitamins are a great contributor to this. If you’re looking to have better looking hair or skin, or maintain your hair and skin now, what you put into your body will help determine that. From asking a few beauty experts on the importance of vitamins for your beauty needs, they will tell you the same thing.

“I tell all of my clients if they want their hair to grow they need to think positive and take their vitamins, said Christina Quillen, a hair stylist of Robert Cris Salon. “If they want good result in their hair and skin I tell my clients to buy straight Bioton. It has most of the daily vitamins you need for good overall health. This coupled with healthy eating will show obviously in your hair, skin, and nails.”

When it comes to overall knowledge of the importance of vitamins, Christina is definitely on point. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a testimonial of how vitamins helped change the look and feel of someone’s skin, hair and nails.

Monica Kovacsinszky, a Beauty Consultant of Market America, mentions that vitamins and minerals have helped her overall beauty and health. Calcium and vitamin D, for example, strengthened her hair and nails. Pycenogenol and vitamin K2 strengthened her capillaries and eliminated what she called the spider veins. Hyluronic helped Monica’s skin to stay firm and hydrated.

“Since I take all this everyday my whole complexion changed,” Monica said. “Everybody keeps telling me how beautiful my skin is and how young I look. I easily hide up to 10 years with the good amount of vitamins and high quality, natural skin care.”

Even though vitamins are good for you, always make sure you’re taking recommended amounts that your body can handle. Sonya Stratfull, a hairstylist at Magic Salon, recommends that you should consult a doctor before taking vitamin supplements. The reason being is because, from her knowledge, excessive supplementation of certain nutrients, such as vitamin A, has been linked to hair loss.

“Vitamin intake through the consumption of food is the best way to go,” Sonya said. “Fruits and vegetables have the necessary vitamins and nutrients to help promote healthy hair and skin. Plants offer beneficial properties found in phytochemicals that scientists are still trying to uncover as well as adding the right necessary fiber that people need for a healthy digestive system.”

To find out more about the benefits and recommend daily intake of vitamins and minerals, click here for a full list.

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