Easy, Fabulous Hair Styles for Work

Looking professional doesn’t mean boring!

Written By: Catherine Saunders

We’ve all seen her. The “pretty girl” in the office who looks perfectly done-up every day. Her makeup is amazing, as if she has her own live-in makeup artist, and her hair is so perfectly done, you swear she goes to the salon every morning before she comes in. If you’re tired of feeling plain and boring in the office, then we have some easy, fabulous, AND professional looks that will have you feeling beautiful in no time! We asked hair stylist Becky Newcombe for her step-by-step advice!

French Twist

Becky says that this look is sleek and great if you are going to be making a presentation or going to an interview! It is very clean and professional. It is also a great look for any formal situation.

First start with semi-clean hair, either second-day dirty or freshly clean hair with several styling products applied (such as styling cream, or mousse and a smoothing serum).

If you have straight hair brush it smooth, then clip off all the hair around your face and the crown. Tease the rest (If you have curly hair, you can skip brushing and teasing).

Let the hair you clipped up in Step 2 down. Gather all of it back as if you are going to put it into a ponytail (leave a small side part at the front) that is slightly off-center.

Then take about 5 bobby pins, starting at the center base of the neck stick the bobby pins straight up and slightly angled so the bobby pins nearly crisscross. Do this so that the 5 pins create a foundation in the center for the twist.

Take the ponytail that is to the side of your foundation and pull to center, twisting in and up. The twist should cover the bobby pin foundation and the ends of the twist should be at the top of the crown still in your hand.

Take about 5 more bobby pins and again starting at the base of the twist stick the pins in and up angled toward the twist.

Once the twist is secure you can leave the ends out at the top, make a circle shape with them and pin in to the top, or lightly push the ends into the top of the twist.

Spray and go!

Half-Up ‘Do

Becky recommends this to switch up your every day office look (without looking like you’re in party mode)! It looks well done yet still keeps you looking professional.

You can do this look with clean or dirty hair. Loose looks are better than tight, but you don’t have to go BIG.

Take your hair and part it down the center. For straight hair, tease all hair from the back of the ear forward. For curly, skip this, unless you have thin curly hair then you can lightly tease.

Working gently with the hair, take one side at about ear level (back of the ear and forward, all the hair on that side of the part). Lift it up almost to the center back of the crown. Gently twist just to get all the hairs together. Be careful not to pull tight, if it looks too tight to the scalp slightly push the section forward.

Use 3 bobby pins. The first one, almost scoop into the twist and then secure the end of it to the scalp and push the pin forward toward the face. This completely hides the pin from sight. Use the other two to make the hair feel pinned in completely. Then take a small pick and smooth out any visible teasing.

Repeat on other side.

You should end up with your hair looking loosely pulled out of your face, but with volume created at the crown. This will make your face look lifted (We LOVE this!).

Messy Bun

This look can be done on clean or dirty, straight or curly hair!

You can either do the front so you have a part or pull it all back. If you want a small part go ahead and make it.

Tease the hair. Don’t be scared to make it look a bit crazy during this step! Tease mostly the back from the crown down, from scalp to ends. Then spray with a light working spray.

If you want the bun to be centered, gather it all to the center and very lightly twist once.

Then place bobby pins into the center to secure. Take the part that wasn’t twisted that is still sticking out and randomly pin them in around the central base.

If you want the bun to be on the side, gather the hair to that side and then place bobby pins up in a line on the back of the hair, slightly crisscrossing them. This keeps the hair from creeping back toward the center.

Pick about 4 random sections of hair and twist and pin them down (almost a 4-leaf clover shape).

When done, spray with a finishing spray.

Hopefully these 3 easy styles work for you! If you need a video tutorial for the Messy Bun, click here for our Beauty Vision exclusive!

Catherine Saunders is a staff writer and researcher at EndlessBeauty.com

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  1. KadyM says:

    I’m sitting opposite that girl right now, grrrrr. Thanks for the tips!

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