Featured Article: 10 Reasons Why Your Hair May Not Grow

Written By: MyHair Paradise

One of our Twitter friends tweeted us a question asking “How can she get her hair to grow?” That question inspired this post for her and any other ladies that are struggling with the same issue. The truth is that many black women struggle with the maintenance of their hair. Complaints such as dryness and the inability to get their hair to grow are a couple of things at the top of the list. It’s time for us to become honest with ourselves and admit we are our own worst enemies. Below I have complied a list of reasons of why your hair may not be growing.

1.You Just Had a Baby– While you were pregnant you noticed that your hair and nails were growing like never before. It gave you what is commonly know as the “Pregnant Glow” and you couldn’t have felt more beautiful. Now you have given birth to the baby your beautiful hair and nails you have while you were pregnant seem to be falling out and breaking. What happened? According to the American Pregnancy Association, when a woman is pregnant there is an increase in the estrogen hormone which causes hair growth. After the baby is born the hormones levels drop back to normal and the hair goes into a resting phase in which 60% of that hair can begin to break and fall out. Don’t be afraid this is temporary and the hair usually begins to return to normal after 6 to 12 months.

2.Beautician Hopping– You and your beautician should have a special bond. You should know all of the products she is using in your hair so that you can use those same products at home. When you go to her she should know your hair plan. This means what are you trying to do, such as are you trying to grow your hair, make it healthy again or control your dandruff? If you find that you are going to more beauticians than you have shoes in your closet then this might be a problem. How can anyone possible get you on the right track and help you reach your hair goals if you are trading them out every month. By all means don’t stay with any beautician that doesn’t fit your needs but be willing to research and find a quality beautician and stick with her.

3. Your Weave– Now I know about the love of the weave. It gives you the ability to “Shake N Go” and also can help to grow your hair if done correctly. However, did you know your weave might be the reason your hair isn’t growing? Take this into consideration the next time you get your weave done or go with the cheapest sew – in because it may cost you in the long run! Make sure the braids are not too tight, don’t comb and brush the weave too much. Have the beautician sew the hair on with a net protection for your real hair, and make sure you are going to a professional that knows how to properly sew in the weave and don’t wear your weave longer than 6 weeks. If you follow these few rules then it’s okay to wear the “Long Hair Don’t Care”.

4.Not Wrapping Your Hair At Night– After a long day at work, coming home to help your child/children with homework, then cooking and cleaning, the last thing you worry about is tying your hair down at night. This simple step can not only help your style last longer but also prevent damage from your pillow. Use a silk hair scarf when you sleep at night so friction while you’re tossing and turning won’t causes your hair to dry out, tangle and even get knotted which can lead to damage. Tips: Use a silk pillow case if you hair have a problem keeping hair scarfs on your head.

5.Not Drinking Enough Water– As I mentioned in the Water is The Homie post, water has so many benefits. When it comes to your hair, it’s no exception. Water help to wash the toxins out of your body and helps your body from over heating. That is why it is important to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day which prevent your body from over heating and lead to hair loss. So the next time your at a restaurant or cooking at home opt for the water instead of the soft drink or juice.

6.Over heating Your hair– Although overheating of the hair is very damaging, many never think twice when they blow dry and flat iron their hair all in the same day. On top of that, women make sure that they flat irons are turned to the highest temperature while trying to achieve the straightest look possible. Well if this is you don’t be surprised when you find that not only is your hair not growing but it starts to fall out in your hands. Overheating your hair causes damage by drying it out and then severally damaging the follicles of the hair. So the next time you reach for the flat iron and blow dryer in the same day or you turn that flat iron up as high as it can go remember you will pay dearly for that damage in the future.

7.Unhealthy Eating– The bottom line when it comes to food is that “You Are What You Eat” and so is your hair. You can’t expect to eat fast food with no fruits or vegetable and think that your going to have beautiful hair and skin. Check out Food and Healthy Hair With Brittany Byar to get a list of food that promote healthy hair.

8.Product Junkie– Okay America it’s time to look in the mirror and repeat after me I, insert your name here, am a product junkie. If you go to your bathroom and look under your bathroom counter, how many products would you see? This could really have a big effect on your hair. According to Shamboosie of Beautiful Black Hair it is very important to find one product line that meets your needs and stick with it. He also advises that you follow the directions of the product just as it is listed on the bottle. If the product states that it is to be applied to the scalp then only apply to the scalp and not to the hair. This alone can help you to get one step closer to having the healthy hair you want.

9. The “No-Lye” Relaxer– The no-lye relaxer one of the biggest misconception of all times. The hair is a billion dollar industry and the relaxer is a big part of that. Initially all relaxer were lye based which meant they had a high level of pH. Now this was good to straighten the hair but was horrible for sensitive scalps. That is when the lying “no lye ” relaxer that was just for you was introduced as a better alternative. What they didn’t mention is that the no lye substance was just as dangerous for your hair as the lye. The no lye can cause mineral deposits that can dull the hair and make it less able to absorb much needed moisture. Calcium deposits can make the hair brittle, dry, and prone to breakage. Dryness, which leads to hair damage, is the greatest complaint of people who use no-lye relaxers.

10.You– Reading is fundamental and the key to healthy hair. Until you understand your hair and how it works you always be one step behind the curve. Nothing can replace you having an invested interest in learning about your hair. Did you know that you should avoid alcohol based products? What about the sulfate that is drying out your hair in your shampoo? Are you aware the certain medications or poor blood circulation could be causing your hair loss? These are just a few of key issues that need to be addressed when you are putting a hair plan together but if you are not even informed of these issues how can you work on it? If you want to color your hair you need to advise your beautician and read a book before you do it. If you wear a relaxer you need to be aware of the maintenance it takes to keep your hair healthy.

To read more on hair care and beauty tips from MyHair Paradise, visit her website at www.myhairparadise.com

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