Three Tips to Having a Healthy Scalp

Healthy hair can be achieved best by having a healthy scalp. Your hair won’t be at its best without a healthy scalp. If you’re suffering with dry damaged hair, or suffering from hair loss, chances are your scalp hasn’t had proper treatment. The great thing, however, is that there are a few methods that make scalp treatment simple yet very effective. Are you looking for ways to have a healthy scalp? Read on.

You know how you must work out consistently in order to have a great, healthy body? The scalp works similar. Just as you must lift weights and do cardio consistently to reach your goals, the scalp needs exercise as well for a healthy scalp, and for healthy hair.  Below are a few methods that’ll allow you to have a healthier scalp, and healthier hair:

Brush your hair with a bristle hair brush- Brushing your hair with a bristle hair brush does two things. One, the brush has many imbrications that clean and polish hair. Second, it provides stimulation of the nerves, muscles and glands of the scalp. Brushing your hair is important prior to other methods of scalp treatment. Only brush your hair as much as is needed in order to prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

Pull the hair at the scalp- This helps to stimulate the scalp and prevents shedding of the hair. The correct method of pulling your hair is grasping a small amount of hair between the thumb and forefinger about 1 inch above the scalp. From there, you just need to hold tightly and pull firmly. If you don’t brush your hair much, this method can also be used to substitute the brushing your hair method, for it works just as well to stimulate the scalp.

Know the ingredients of your hair products- You want hair products that contain ingredients like vitamin E, emu oil, or shea butter to be applied to your hair. These ingredients, when worked into the scalp, helps moisturize the scalp, and helps provide essential oils to be worked into your hair, thus promoting hair growth and moisturized hair.  This will prevent dry and itchy scalp, and prevent hair loss. When looking for hair products, always read up on the ingredients. Most hair products contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that can strip the hair of its natural oils, as well as cause scalp dryness and hair loss.

Keep consistently doing these methods of stimulating your scalp, and your scalp will continue to remain in a healthy state. Again always remember a healthy scalp determines the look, and feel of your hair.

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