Featured Article: 5 Ways to Save Money at the Beauty Salon

Written By: MyHairParadise.com

Recently on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, they reported that 35% of women were not going to the beauty salon because of economic woes. With the unemployment rate at double digits, and the black community is almost double the number than the white community, it is understandable why so my women are opting not to spend extra money at the beauty shop. We compiled a list of ways to beat the recession by finding deals at your beauty salon. Find out more below.

#1: Wash your hair at home and only get your hair flat iron at the shop. This method, If the shop allows it, can almost drop your cost in half and your hair still feels and looks like a fresh do from a beauty salon. Make sure to get with your beautician to see what products they use so that you get the most out of the style.

#2: Go to the beauty shop on your beautician ‘s slow day Beautician often run specials on their slower days, to encourage clients to move from busier days and to attract new ones. Find out what day is your beautician’s slowest and ask if you can receive a discount if you come in on that day. Many time the beautician will already be running a special and you can then simply move your appointment to that day.

#3: Get a style that will last. Styles such as tight curls, sew in weaves, braids, and twists last longer than a regular wash and flat iron. These styles usually last longer thus you will not need to return to the shop as often. This saves you money over the long run.

#4: Go to a beauty school to get your hair styled. So you have tried all the other options and you still just can’t afford to go to the beauty shop. Well go to your local beauty school and let them do your hair. Yes, they are still in school but most of them have been doing hair before they started school and are very good at what they do. Also the manager of the school will always be there to assist and if the client just isn’t happy the manager will sometimes take over for the student. Beauty schools are almost 50% cheaper than going to going to a licensed beautician.

#5 Sign up to be a Salon Spy. If you subscribe to this website you will automatically be signed up to be a Salon Spy. What a salon spy does is go into a Salon and evaluate the salon for us so that we can report it back to our readers. The best thing is you get your hair styled for free and at the same time you are helping other people to find the best shop in town. So what are you waiting for sign up today.

Those are 5 ways we found to save money while getting your hair styled. If you have any ideas you can add simply leave it as a comment.

To read more beauty and hair care tips from Melissa, and to find out on how to become a salon spy, check out her website: http://myhairparadise.com.

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