Accepting Illness and Disease as the Norm?

Written By: Christina Margo

When was the last time your were pain free? Had a full nights sleep (without getting up to go to the bathroom) and woke up excited about your day? Felt good about your body when you undressed at night? Had the energy to carry you through the whole day without energy drinks, caffeine or sugar?

When did we as a society start to accept illness and inevitable disease as the norm? Yes, we are fortunate that we have not experienced any major disease outbreaks for along time i.e.bubonic plague, malaria, cholera, polio, small pox and typhoid fever. Maybe we have just forgotten what it is like to have vibrant health. I am here to tell you that you can have vibrant health. In fact it is your God given right. I would like to introduce my Whole Healthy Body checklist. In this newsletter and those to follow, I will be sharing the Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit aspects of the Whole Healthy Body. Let’s get started!

Body ~ Digestion
The main purpose of digestion is to break down our food and absorb nutrients. In order to help the digestive tract do its job it is suggested that we include the following elements.
1) Fiber: Fiber is the brush for our intestines. Fiber has been said to reduce the risk of colon cancer and reduce blood cholesterol. Good sources of fiber are raw fruits and vegetables, flax seed, brown rice and whole grains.
2) Omega Oils: Essential Fatty Acids a.k.a. EFA are made up of 2 basic groups LNA Omega 3) and LA (Omega 6). Having the sufficient amount of Omega Oils in your body has been known to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. These oils help with the passage of waste, especially with a diet high in protein. Good sources of Omega Oils are wild Atlantic salmon, flax seed, hemp oil or walnuts.
3) Probiotics: The purpose of probiotics is to regulate the bacterial colonization of the intestinal tract. They can assist in great absorption of nutrients and increase your immune system. Good sources of probiotics include yogurt, miso, tempeh, some juices, kefir and soy beverages. You can also purchase probiotics in capsule formulas.
4) Enzymes: They properly break down all food. Although we have the capability to create the enzymes to breakdown our food that does not have enzymes (processed and foods heated over 118 degrees) in the aging process it is suspected that our bodies are taxed by this process and may end up deleting our ability to generate more. Good sources of enzymes are raw fruits and vegetables. It is common that people do not get enough raw fruits and vegetables and they are recommended to supplement with enzymes. Go to ensure you are getting your 7 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables.

If you are currently experiencing challenges with your digestion like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, crohn’s disease, colitis or taking medication for digestion problems please check out this link

For additional resources to increase the efficiency of your digestion, please contact us.

Remember to take 1 small step at a time for permanent change and when you get stuck, seek a helping relationship to help you reach your health goals and dreams.

Christina Margo is a successful health coach, helping small to mid sized businesses and employees set up and implement their own custom health and fitness programs that will fit their needs. For more info on how you can get help on having your own program to increase your energy, and live a healthier life, visit
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