Is Olive Oil Safe For Your Hair?

Recently I viewed some information pertaining to olive oil. In light of the fact that olive oil is natural, it can be used to moisturize your hair and skin. A site I visited had an individual asking, “Whether olive oil is a good idea to use on your hair? You can check out the site by clicking here. You can draw your own conclusion by viewing the site that expands on olive oil and determine whether or not it fits your need.
If you have dry, damaged hair you can apply a small amount of olive oil after shampooing. By leaving the olive oil in your hair it will slowly work into hair and scalp to moisturize and restore shine. For the best results, use olive oil with a conditioner, leave in for approximately three minutes and rinse. Another individual from this site mentioned her dermatologist suggested she use olive oil because her hair was extremely dry.
Although it’s a healthy option, use it in moderation. It can leave your hair too soft and difficult to style (In layman’s terms: Bad Hair Day).
If you’ve used olive oil as a treatment for dry hair – let us know about your experience. Did it solve a hair care problem or was it ineffective? Please share your experience by commenting at the bottom of this post. We look forward to hearing from you!
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