“Knowledge is Power,” Product Knowledge at 4HM Beauty Supply

We had a wonderful experience at 4HM Beauty Supply. We met and welcomed individuals as they came by our table where we introduced them to the Pure’ity Brand. The purpose of these events is to educate the consumer about our products. Whether or not our products are the answer to their particular needs, we are proud to provide knowledge that helps them make the healthiest, safest and most effective choice. That is what we strive for.

Many questions were asked and answered. Several individuals with fragrance and chemical sensitivities along with their children, who experience similar issues, received the answers they were seeking. Pure’ity is specially formulated to meet those very specific needs and match or surpass other hair care products in the bargain! We were happy to be on hand to inform, educate and to present samples of Pure’ity to the public.

We’re looking forward to conducting more of these sessions – because Knowledge…truly is Power!

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One Response to “Knowledge is Power,” Product Knowledge at 4HM Beauty Supply

  1. Sue Anderson says:

    Love all the blog snippets, articles etc…….Great reading and really informative on many subjects of interest.

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