Testimonial of a Pure’ity Customer Satisfied and Achieving Her Hair Care Goals!

There are lots of us who spend too much money trying to find a suitable hair care product. We want a product that will restore and moisturize dry and damaged hair, detangle while leaving hair manageable, smelling and feeling ‘just clean’. Unfortunately, it’s even more difficult to locate products designed especially for people who also have chemical and fragrance sensitivities.
Quinne, who is our branding expert and the person responsible for our Pure’ity brand identity, had ALL those challenges with her own hair! She had a problem with dry hair that is also very fine. It took a lot of work, hit and miss, in finding the right products to suit her needs. One day she decided to try Pure’ity. We will let her tell the rest of her story…
“Quinne’s Testimonial”
It’s been inspiring to work with this client, Darlene Alexander, who has developed a hypo-allergenic product. Sustainability is the way to go. I use it, my hair looks great, and I no longer worry about chemical exposure from my shampoo and conditioner. I’ve given it to my mother, who has sensitivities, as well as to many friends, one of whom no longer has an itchy scalp thanks to Pure’ity shampoo and conditioner!
As we receive more testimonials of satisfied customers, we’ll be sure to post them for everyone to view. If you already use Pure’ity and love the results from using our products, send us your story at pureity@heavenlyessence.net.
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