An Inquiring Mind Wants To Know…

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled, “Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – You decide.” We are still in the process of comparing products with SLS and without SLS.
An interesting question came to mind, and I felt this avenue should be explored. We know Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a foaming agent. We also know it’s slightly toxic and it can lead to scalp irritations. However, what if the product you’re using contained SLS AND it contains added ingredients to combat the ill effects of this agent? Do you think you would be less or more likely to purchase the product? This inquiring mind wants to know!
How do we really know what is setting off our skin irritations and allergies? Is it this one ingredient (SLS) or a group of ingredients found in these products causing a variety of allergic issues such as scalp itch, scalp rash, scalp sores and other adverse reactions? This is the reason manufacturers’ recommend a “patch test.”
A close friend of mine mentioned she just stopped using Pure’ity Hypoallergenic shampoo (Citrus scent) because she ran out of it and so she decided to purchase another brand. As she was shampooing and rinsing her hair in the shower, the lather irritated her skin. By the time she finished her shower, her skin was red as well as itchy. Curious as to whether the shampoo she was using contained SLS, she confirmed it did. However, I would like to examine this product and its label further to see if there are any other irritants that may have contributed to her reaction.
When you have skin irritations, I cannot stress how important it is to conduct a patch test. Skin irritations are no joke. They can be mild to severe reactions and the best way to avoid them is by reading labels, patch tests and paying attention to your bodies’ response to something new you are applying to your skin or scalp.
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