Are YOU hyper-sensitive to odors and fragrances?

There’s no mistaking a person with fragrance sensitivities. We’re the ones who have to venture down the detergent aisle as quickly as possible to purchase our All Free & Clear detergent. We’re the ones who have to make a mad dash through the fragrance counter at Macy’s to reach the mail entrance. Now, I can only speak for myself, but as I go down these aisles I have to hold my breath and pray that I don’t have to exhale before I reach the end of the aisle.
A few years ago I brought this condition to my primary care doctor’s attention. I told him the severity of the problem described above and this was his response, “Stay away from these items.” Well, I thought I’d at least receive a trickle of sympathy…not! However, the remedy was simple – right…STAY AWAY…DON’T VENTURE INTO FORBIDDEN FRAGRANCE AREAS…DON’T PURCHASE PRODUCTS WITH FRAGRANCE AND OTHER IRRITATING INGREDIENTS.
Now this is something to think about. How can you control if a person decides to spray half a bottle of perfume on and you just happen to cross paths with them. Hmmm…the doctor probably never thought about that.
My problem eventually led to us starting our family business, Heavenly Essence, Inc., we’re the Creators of Pure’itytm Hypo-allergenic Hair Care Products. When you become so frustrated because you know you have a problem and you’re unable to find a solution – you have to become the solution to your own problem.
Our products took years to develop – researching ingredients, prototypes, etc. Our Pure’ity line is a proprietary blend of essential oils and botanicals with a hint of fragrance.
In the coming weeks our blogs will focus on which products are right for you. If you have skin and fragrance sensitivities and scalp irritations, which products work best – natural, organic or hypo-allergenic?
In the meantime, if you see an individual rushing towards you in the detergent aisle of your local supermarket, kindly move to the side. They’re on a mission to reach the end of the aisle, so they can finally exhale!
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