Stand In The Midst of Your Trials

I recently had the pleasure of reading an article, “Going the Distance” in Whole Living Body + Soul (A Martha Stewart Publication) by Ann Mehl.
After enduring a break up with her first real boyfriend she decided to take up running. Her first experience at running she could barely breathe. She stayed the course and eventually reached her first goal – The Boston Marathon.
Her story truly touched the depths of my soul. As a business owner, I’ve had to take a step by step approach in starting my business. Setting goals and reaching them little by little.
I cannot say the road has been easy, but if you believe what you’re doing is going to help others – you’ll keep going regardless of what circumstances you may face.
There will be mountains you may face…those mountains may come in the form of sickness, the economy and naysayers. Stay your course; focus on your goals…stay in the race.
Here’s the good news, no one in this world is exempt from troubles; everyone has obstacles they must face, but they persevere through them. It is a real revelation when you grow to realize there is no way around a problem. There is no going over, no going under or around, but you must go through to reach your destiny. Then life’s challenges become less challenging.
It saddens me to hear when individuals live in their past. Regretting the opportunities they had to start a business, or write a book. Please don’t spend the rest of your time on earth regretting that you didn’t start that business, or you didn’t receive that degree. You’re here on this earth for a reason…your life has purpose. Now is the time for you to dig your heels in; fight the good fight of faith, tackle your obstacles one at a time and in the midst of your trials and tribulations – STAND.
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One Response to Stand In The Midst of Your Trials

  1. Thank you for your post. Always a good reminder that we do have a purpose in this life. The struggle for me is taking the time everyday to remember why I am doing what I am doing so that I have the energy and enthusiasm to run the race. I ran a marathon in 2008 and I was not training to win the race (only a few out of the 24,000 have that ability) but I was training to finish. Sometimes I have to remember that in business or in life, finishing whatever plan I have been inspired to undertake is a win.Thank you again, I am looking forward to future posts.Scott Stafstrom

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