Why I care that you and your clients become part of the “raving fans” crowd.

Nothing makes me happier than contributing to another person’s life, so as a natural healthcare provider I’ve been waiting 2 years to share the health promoting benefits of Pure’ity Hypo-allergenic Hair Care Products with my clients. I felt it would be a win, win situation. Little did I know that I would get the triple win, win and win in my own life. As my clients began to use the shampoo, I was impressed by how great their hair looked. Remembering to take a bottle home myself, I was blown away by how amazing my hair felt and looked with my first shampoo and I joined the crowd as a raving fan!

I get a kick out of giving my clients more than they expect from a retailer. Due to our clients response to the product, which we’re needing to order weekly to keep up with the demand, we’re so bold that we just tell the clients that they might as well save themselves a trip back into the store giving them a sample at the same time suggesting they buy the bottles and if they don’t like the results with the samples they can bring back the unused bottles. We’ve yet to experience a customer bring back the bottles. Instead they are calling us and thanking us for such a great product and on their next trip buying two to three bottles of each for friends and co-workers.

Even on my last trip to Los Angeles, while having dinner with my sister, ten minutes into dinner she asked me, “How in your mid 50’s do you have such great looking hair?” The next morning as I was leaving to return to Sacramento, I left her my shampoo and conditioner. If anyone knows of a salon owner in the Pasadena area, my sister will need to make her next purchase locally. That’s how fast this product is moving – becoming what I think should be on Oprah’s Favorites list.

So how can you experience the win, win, and win with your clients? My first thought in delivering a great win is making available to your clients a product that profoundly protects their health by being free of the hormonal disruption of parabens; you’ll know that you’ve done them and their body a favor. The second win is that they will be back to purchase a product that isn’t found easily in the mass market which gives you a second chance to help them with other services you offer. Let’s not forget the fact that they will send their friends in for the product adding to your client base. The third win is that the product delivers what they want, great looking hair that’s economical. This triple win is the ultimate goal to any business owner. It’s what drives the referral basis to you and keeps them as your raving fans in your community. Bottom line…never underestimate the power of great looking hair, but you already know that…don’t you?

By Nancy J. Yilk, HHP

Optimum Health
3220 Riverside Blvd
Sacramento, CA 95818
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