Do you need to consider adding an acidophilus supplement to your diet?

By Darlene Alexander
For your health’s sake, take a moment to consider the following facts.
Lactobacilli Acidophilus is the good bacteria that your body needs to maintain a healthy digestive track. When your good bacteria becomes depleted by antibiotics (antibiotics rid the body of the bad bacteria, which is good, but it also rids the body of the good bacteria – which is bad). You need to replenish the good, so your system can function normally.
If your colon doesn’t have a healthy percentage of lactobacilli (approximately 85% of good bacteria), you may notice bloating, constipation and gas. Even more importantly, you may experience malabsorption of important nutrients your body needs. Taking an acidophilus supplement will help to combat these problems by returning the intestinal flora to a healthier balance.
One brand that has worked well for us is Opti Care Probiotic Defense. This product is distributed by Optimum Health, 3220 Riverside Blvd., Sacramento, CA 92818, 916.443.6795, or you can find other brands at your local health food store in the refrigerated area.
*Before using any supplements, you should consult your physician.
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