When to Conduct Intensive Workouts

What goals have you set to get in shape; to have the body you always wanted? Have you reached that specific weight loss goal?
When you work-out intensively with the purpose of getting toned, getting ripped abs, or to gain muscle mass, always do it for a limited period of time. What I mean by that is, don’t work out intensively all the time. It can cause problems in the long run.
One example was when I was doing an intensive work-out routine. I would work out my whole upper body one day, my whole lower body another day, and then I would spend two days working out my whole body .So that was four days of intense work outs a week. I did that for a few weeks.
Unfortunately, the results I received were short-lived. I started my work-out routine in the fall and I would go to the gym after spending four hours lifting boxes at Fed Ex. What do you think happened to me? Yes I got sick, very sick. I had to take time off work, and I was unable to go to the gym for a week. When I was finally feeling better and I returned to the gym, I was unable to achieve a quality work-out.
Remember when you work out intensively, you’re breaking down your muscles and your immune system. Your immune system, when broken down, will increase your chance of sickness or disease. If you don’t feed your body with the proper amount of protein it needs after an intensive workout, your health and fitness goals will suffer.
I recommend that you take 10-15 grams of Glutamine per day. For Glutamine helps to support your immune system and stops muscles from breaking down.
Also I recommend working out intensively every other week and then workout light to maintain your strength, stamina, and endurance.
Achieving your fitness goals are important, but you must maintain a healthy balance to your work-out routine.
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