What Too Much Cola Can do to You

I had just read an article on what too much cola can do to you. You can read this article by clicking here. Some of the most popular brands are: Coca Cola, Pepsi, Shasta, and Mr. Pibbs.

It talks about how too much cola can make your muscles weak and not able to function as properly. This condition is called hypokalemia. Three ingredients in cola, including; glucose, fructose, and caffeine, are linked to hypokalemia. What you also encounter from too much cola is fatigue, which is the first thing you may notice from drinking excessive amounts of cola. With fatigue your body will not function properly during the day.

I noticed that I stopped drinking cola, but drank orange juice instead, I noticed a huge difference in my workouts when I lifted weights. I felt good without muscle fatigue. But when I had cola with my meals, I noticed I wasn’t able to lift as much and not for a long period of time. It wasn’t a significant difference, but I had a realization of part of why I wasn’t able to lift as much as I normally did. And for those of you who work out, try eliminating cola out of your list of drinks and start drinking more water, milk, and orange juice.

Also, take into account that too much soda can have an affect on your overall health, and the health of your hair. If soda is one of the things you’re putting into your body, your hair and skin will likely to suffer in time. So definitely remove cola out of your diet so that you can look your best.

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