One Reason for Hair Loss: Pulling Your Hair

By Darlene Alexander

Are you suffering hair loss currently, but aren’t sure why you could be losing your hair. How often do you braid your hair? How often are you grabbing your hair when someone is getting on your last nerve? How often do you experience knotting of the hair?

If you’re doing any of these things, you should look at minimizing them. One cause of hair loss is called traction alopecia. This happens from excessive or chronic pulling or traction of the hair. This is mainly caused from braiding and knotting of the hair.

From excessive braiding and knotting you may get some bald spots in some areas of your head, depending on how often you braid your hair and the styles of braids you get. The more intense the traction of your hair, the more hair you may lose. Some people like to have a lot of braids so they get the smaller braids, which means more traction of the hair and increasing chances of hair loss.

This is something to look into if you’re interested in getting your hair braided. Be sure to talk to your beautician about how long you should keep your braids. Some people keep them for 6 weeks, others about a couple months. Some may get their hair re-braided in order for them to stay fresh and healthy . But overall, depending on your hair texture, be sure to keep hair pulling at a minimum, and wash your braids at a minimum once a week.

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