How Your Health Determines the Health of Your Hair

By Darlene Alexander

Are you one of those people who cares about the look and feel of your hair? Have you purchased several different types of shampoos, conditioners, hair lotions, hair oils, and hair maintenance systems in hopes of having the best looking and manageable hair? Have you? And you’re still not getting the results you want? If you’re one of those people, read on.

Have you taken into account what you’re putting in your body? Are you stressed out a lot? Do you work outside in the heat or in a assembly line? Are you taking medication? A manager I know at a local Panda Express I go to does, and she has had hair and skin problems. She is a lady in her 40’s, and she said she deals with hair loss, irritations of the scalp and skin. Every hair product and lotion she had tried gave her no results. When I asked her if she is stressed out and taking medication, she said yes.

This is an example of what can take place in terms of watching your overall health. What you put in your body, like food, drinks, and medication can have a positive or negative outcome on your hair. Don’t rely just on hair products to do the job. If you’re eating junk food, drinking coffee, and not getting much sleep, don’t expect to receive the best results from your hair products. If you want the best results, change your eating habits, stay focused , try to minimize stress, and get plenty of sleep.

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