How Much Sodium Are You Taking In?

I did some reading on some of America’s unhealthiest restaurants. You can find it at this site. It was talking about one of Chili’s burgers, called the Smokehouse Bacon Triple Cheese Big Mouth Burger, which is rated the worst burger in America. It has 3,810 mg of sodium, more than what the body needs daily in one meal.

Now imagine your self eating one of those burgers for lunch, when you already had one meal for breakfast, and still have to eat dinner. Depending on what you eat for those meals, you could be taking 2-3 days worth of sodium. Sodium retains water, which turns to water weight in the body. Excess intake of sodium can also lower your sugar levels.

The amount your body should take daily is 2,300 mg. The website American Heart is a place where you can find out ways to reduce your sodium intake

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