Doing High Repetitions for Energy and to Tone Your Body

A lot of people believe that cardio like running, walking, aerobics, and riding a bike will help them trim off fat and give them energy. Then they wonder what’s taking them so long to shed fat after weeks of doing cardio.

A lot of people don’t realize that cardio isn’t effective when trying to lose weight and trim off fat. The best thing someone can do to tone up is to do weight lifting. Some people may think, “Why weight lifting? I’m gonna bulk up!” No you won’t. Not if you do it right.

Doing high repetitions per set of between 15-25 consistently per exercise will not only help you burn the fat, but it’ll also help increase your energy. It will cause your muscles to work harder and you’ll feel that burn from constant movement of the exercise. Your muscles need energy in order to do the high reps, so it will shed the fat in order to do so.

Please do not use the same 10 pound dumbbells you used 4 weeks ago to do high reps. Your muscles will get used to the weight and you won’t get a good workout, and you’ll start to plateau. As you get better doing high reps, you should still be adding some resistance, depending on the exercise you do. Try adding 2-5 pounds per couple of weeks or so.

Overall always keep at it. You’re guaranteed to feel the burn, but it’s that same burn that’ll let you know that the fat is on its way to disappearing.

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